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Hung's 300 Years War

Colicchio chuckles scoffily. Hung raises his voice and says, "Am I right or am I wrong, judges? And chefs? [He bows with this addition] So, everything we do today has been done. Every flavor's been done." Colicchio demands, "Do you have another canapé in your repertoire that would be better than that?" Hung snorts, "Of course I do, Chef." "Thank you," Colicchio almost interrupts, "I heard what I want to hear." Did you hear that Hung has a better canapé in his repertoire had he BEEN ALLOWED TO SPEND MORE THAN FIFTY DOLLARS?! Because overlooking that is ridiculous. Colicchio finally gives his predictable, "If you're not putting your best dish out there right now, what are you waiting for?" Um, I don't know, maybe MORE MONEY?!

Howie's next to feel the wrath and dish the argument. After hearing that Howie was happy with his two dishes, Colicchio leaps on him that "part of the challenge was to make the food look great." He adds, "The mushroom tartlet? That looked great?" Howie admits it didn't look "spectacular." Michael jumps in to say, "At the Quickfire Challenge, I mean, it was all about integrity and not putting up food that you weren't proud of and yet today you put up that…crap." Howie mashes his lips together and rolls his eyes up while firmly crossing his arms over his barreled chest. Colicchio wonders why Howie spread his budget over two dishes, and Howie admits he was trying to make up for his poor Quickfire performance as well as support the team by putting out two good dishes instead of one. Colicchio looks down the row at Dana and says he wants to talk specifically about the asparagus cigars. "Why -- what was wrong with the cigar?" Howie asks loudly, "I got compliments on both those dishes from the guests." Dana comments that often when the asparagus cigars are done, it's done with really thick, plump asparagus. Howie shrugs that he "just saw the asparagus and went with it."

Moving on to Dale, Padma asks what inspired him to make "that yogurt, vegetable puff." As Dale says he was going for a "healthier option," Padma interrupts with "Um, I think a couple of us felt that it may have been a bit runny?" Padma's banned from the forums. Dale explains he was going to go with goat cheese, but his budget didn't allow for both the goat cheese and the chicken. "You gave up the goat cheese for the chicken?" Colicchio says, implying bogglement. Dale quickly says he and Hung did the chicken. "Okay," is all Colicchio says, which prompts diarrhea of the mouth from Dale: "In the process of the chicken dish, we did make one or two mistakes and it turned into something different than we had planned." Colicchio says sarcastically, "See, this is why I love this -- everyone comes out here and says, 'Oh, it was a great dish, we thought it was great,' and then you're sitting here talking how you're finding mistakes [that] were made." Howie points out, "We had a budget of $350 for sixty people for two hours -- that's not a lot." "We enjoyed Sara's dish a lot, she had same budget everyone else was working with, so I don't buy the whole budget thing," Colicchio announces, and then he asks Casey how much money she had left over. Casey states firmly that she totally stuck within her budget on both dishes, adding, "The dessert ingredients were not even that much." After confirming that she used her fifty dollars for her carpaccio, Colicchio praises it and then says their job is to decide which was the worst dish. Colicchio wants to know if all the cheftestants really thought that the mushroom duxelles tartlets, and the chicken, and the asparagus were that good. Yikes, both of Howie's dishes are up for the worst. Howie again mashes his lips together and re-crosses his arms. "Did you think they were good?" Colicchio demands. The cheftestants -- true to their fabled oath -- stand silent. "The silence is deafening," Colicchio snaps. Not really, dude. The silence means they don't feel like saying one thing or the other.

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