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Hung's 300 Years War

Down to the last three, we go to Casey, who presents her "Classic Wafer Pudding." It's pudding with mango preserves, ginger snaps, lemon, and whipped cream. What happened to the Nilla Wafers? Oh, Casey explains that she went with the gingersnaps instead of the Nilla wafers. Michael tells her it tastes good. YAY! We're finally getting to Hung and his Apple-achian Trail Mix. Hung solemnly shakes the judges' hands. Michael then looks down at Hung's creation and asks, "What the fuck is that?! That's some crazy shit!" Hee! Hung launches into his explanation, "What we have here is egg with leeks and potato and here is cereal with the malted chocolate drink and chocolate whipped cream." Oh darn, Mt. Meringue isn't meringue at all, it's whipped cream. "Complete breakfast," Michael says. "Yes, good for you," Hung says, leaning in sincerely. All the cheftestants are cracking up and so am I. I just love how earnest he is about his explanation. He knows that there's no way he's going to win this but he's keeping such a sincere expression on his face and it's about to crack at any moment. CJ tells us, "Hung's dish looked like Candyland meets some sort of diorama -- I don't know exactly what it was." I think it's incredibly endearing that Hung was the one to build the edible Candyland. Maybe it's because he's basically small enough to live there.

Back in the kitchen, Padma wants to get things straight and asks, "So, this is an aerial view?" "Sort of, yeah," Hung says seriously, "You have the sun…" he gestures at the fried egg. And on the seventh day, Hung rested. The cheftestants continue to lose it. Michael tells him that his dish is definitely whimsical, but fabulous? Not so much. They all agree that it's "different." Hung says to us, "I did not expect to win because I had a judge that was so close-minded -- I didn't expect to win anything." Hung, honey, you didn't win because the judge wasn't on the same drugs as you. Also, I think this critique of Michael was either tongue-in-cheek or taken out of context from another Quickfire or Elimination Challenge.

Last to present is Howie, who has nothing to present. He explains that he wasn't proud of anything he made -- he was going for a banana mousse with mandarin orange sauce -- so he didn't want to give them food he wasn't happy about. "Aaand I'm sorry that Michael didn't have a chance to taste some of your food. Hopefully he will in the Elimination Challenge," Padma says rebukingly. Dale tells us that while the Quickfire was "extremely difficult," to not put anything out is really bad. CJ tells us he thinks it was a cop-out for Howie to do what he did, "Make something, you're a chef. You can't give up. You don't ever give up." And CJ's Testicle of Triumph can be heard to issue a muffled squeal: "Never give up! And never SURRENDER!"

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