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Hung's 300 Years War

Michael delivers his judgment and says that Howie was obviously a disappointment and a cop-out, but CJ was also down there because his dish was salty and sloppy looking. CJ laughs that it's pretty bad to be on the bottom with someone who didn't even make anything. Michael names Brian and his Spam creation the winner of the Quickfire, saying it was a dish that looked as though it could have been served at any restaurant in Miami. He also admits that he's now a "Spam believer." Most. Religious. Episode. Ever. The cheftestants applaud. Brian applauds himself. (In all fairness, I think MALARKEY! did the dish and now Brian is clapping for him.) Padma reminds Brian that he won't get Immunity but he will get awarded something. Before she tells him, however, she explains that the Elimination Challenge will test their ability to "put on a good show." All of them will be working together to cater an "ultra exclusive party" thrown for the "white-hot young designer," Esteban Cortazar. The total lack of recognition on the cheftestants' faces is priceless. However, Sara tells us, "Esteban is this new hip and up-and-coming designer from Miami. A lot of fashionistas, you know, skinny." She holds up her index finger to explain "skinny." Heh. Hung tells us, "I love fashion. I like to wear, like, clothes that fit me -- not clothes that look like a box." Okay, what is he talking about? Is he still living in his miniature Hungland? Howie just stares at the interviewer and says, "Do I look like I care about fashion? This is from Target. This whole outfit." Awesome. I love Target. I love Target sunglasses, Target socks, and Target underwear, but I love Target shoes most of all. I bought these fancy little black '30s-era shoes with pink piping and one of my fashion-y friends looked at them and asked, "Prada?" Right. "Target," I told her. Then she looked at my jacket and asked if it was Betsy Johnson. Once again, I had to burst her bubble, since it was from the Gap. Eight years ago. That's all by way of saying, "Aw!" to Howie's Target-wear.

Padma continues that attending the party will be sixty of Miami's "most beautiful people." The Beautiful Ones are used to the best, and the cheftestants will have to convince them they're eating the best on a $350 budget. Hung makes a face. "Total?" Brian says, weakly. CJ tells us he's worked in catering for four years, so he knows that $350 is not a lot to work with. Brian's prize is that he gets to choose who's in charge of the other cheftestants. There's a minor struggle as O'Brian tries to tell MALARKEY! that the meek shall inherit the earth with MALARKEY! screaming back, "I'VE TOLD YOU BEFORE -- THE MEEK DON'T WANT IT!" before the Brians say they will be in charge. Brian tells us that as an executive chef, he has to be willing to take risks, "That's why I got into the business was to be a leader." He definitely has leadership abilities -- who else can get MALARKEY! to go to bed at a reasonable hour while also ordering Bryan to walk the dog? Padma excuses them.

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