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Hung's 300 Years War

Back in Top Chef Towers, the cheftestants attempt to agree on dishes. Brian invites everyone to come up with a few ideas. And they do. While Brian thinks they can do multiple dishes if they keep them on the cheap, CJ says he'd rather they all "nail" their one thing. CJ tells us Brian only has "good ideas" because he's listening to everyone else's ideas. Brian says a few people were working alone and he teamed others up. They all throw out more ideas, and Hung tells us if he had been in charge, he would have ordered people to do what he wanted, not what they wanted. That's why he's president of Hungland.

The next morning, the cheftestants awaken and OH my GOD -- what the hell is wrapped around Brian's head? There's seems to be a proliferation of slightly shiny olive green material --way more than what is being used as pillowcases. Plus, somehow he has made a sort of…cap? It's pulled across his forehead and around his face and one side of it even looks sort of, like, ruched? The whole effect makes it appear that he sleeps in a shiny olive green clean suit. Amuse-Biatch needs to get a screencap of that scene, stat. Seriously, it's the same type of suit they put Sheriff Carter in when he went invisible this past week. Casey makes up her face and reminds us it's the day of the Elimination Challenge. The Brians -- now out of the clean suit -- tell us that when they woke up, they started think about how they have $350 between all seven of them to cater a really high-end event and they're getting a little unsure whether they can pull it off or not. Was he not listening when this was announced the day before? I think there's a breakdown in the Brians' communication line and someone (MALARKEY!) isn't passing along the relevant information to the rest of the Brians.

On the way to the grocery store, the Brians' decide to tell us that the person they are most concerned about is Howie because, according to them, Howie tends to over-shop and over-buy. Howie mutters to a bored-looking CJ that he's going to try and keep under $50. The cheftestants shop. Casey asks to taste a piece of the raw steak she's buying, which makes sense since she's making carpaccio. However, I can't help but scream the same thing my mother screams at my father whenever he pinches off bits of raw hamburger meat: "YOU'LL GET WORMS!" Hung opines that $50 is plenty for each person. Sara and Casey shop for their joint dessert ingredients, and Casey admits to us that it's risky for them to do a dessert but, "risk-taking is what will win this competition."

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