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Hung's 300 Years War

The cheftestants segue into Food Flurry. Dale explains that he was making gougères and was planning on filling them. However, since he gave up his goat cheese, the yogurt and cream cheese filling is turning out much runnier than he was anticipating. MALARKEY! announces, "As the leader, I have the MONEY dish. I'm going with ahi poke on this one, so I got some beautiful ahi tuna. I think it's a nice LUXURY for them to be able to enjoy AHI." Sara is doing a vegetarian savory tomato bread pudding, and Casey froze the beef for her carpaccio so she could slice it better. Unfortunately, there's no meat slicer in the kitchen, so she's forced to do it by hand. CJ bounces his head on the ceiling and tells us he's doing a scallop and shrimp sausage on brioche. Hmm, is this MALARKEY!'s dish, CJ? CJ goes on that he needs the full amount of time allotted to make his dish because "seafood sausage is a little more technical, a little more weird." Yep, that's MALARKEY!'s recipe. Hung tells us in already defensive tones, "I chose to do salmon mousse with cucumber. I chose a very classic dish that people with an average palate would appreciate." Oh, there he goes again about the peasant eaters! "Average palate" -- he cracks me up. Hung and Dale are also working together on curried chicken salad on crostini. Again with the defensiveness, Hung says, "It's very common, it tasted very good." "Common"! I love him. He's shameless.

Colicchio -- wearing khaki shorts and the ubiquitous blue chef's coat that was clearly chosen to match his Cal Ripkinny eyes -- arrives for his Sniff 'n' Sneer and elbows his way over to Howie. Howie explains his asparagus and prosciutto phyllo "cigars" and adds that he's making mushroom tartlets. "Okay," Colicchio says, sort of put off by the fact that Howie continues working and doesn't really ever look him in the eye, "Are your tartlets made or…" "They're not made yet," Howie says, still not looking up, "But uh -- it's a pretty simple recipe, just some puff pastry and a duxelle. Colicchio moves on to Brian and asks why he chose to be team leader. Brian asks, "Is there any other decision to make? As a chef, you're a leader every single day. You get the opportunity to lead, of course you accept that opportunity." "Awesome," Colicchio says. Next, Sara tells Colicchio that she's working on her savory bread puddings, and Colicchio wants to know why she and Casey decided to pair up on a dessert. Sara says that when you're having hors d'oeuvres, you have to include something sweet. Colicchio tells them they have little over an hour left to go, "I'll see you top-side." Please tell me he did not just say that. He sort of smiles to himself as he says it, like, "They gave me that ridiculous word and they made me use it and yes, I know I sound like a total dork in shorts." Colicchio observes to us that everything is "pretty simple and safe" and goes on about how this challenge was supposed to be about "wowing people and not blowing the budget." He sees really ordinary stuff in the galley and thinks they should have all gotten together to make three really great dishes in order not to spread their budget too thin.

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