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Tiffany's dish is up first. Amanda seems to be unclear on the challenge because she immediately compliments the dish. Um... what? Then Alex joins in and says it was expertly prepared. Andrea is next. Michelle Bernstein stares silently as Kenny says the beef tartare was under seasoned and Ed agrees. Michelle totally paid them to say that. Stephen's chilled beef is greeted with rather lackluster responses, which is par for the course for him. Amanda takes one bite of Tamesha's scallops and starts waving her hand in front of her mouth because it is way too spicy. Kevin thinks the scallop was cooked incorrectly and it had a funky flavor. Angelo's dish gets the harshest comments, but Kevin still nominates for the win because it is the only one he really wants to eat more of. Obviously Kenny can't even consider that possibility without punching something, especially when there was too much condiment on it. Everyone else opts for Tiffany's tuna, so she is up for the win.

As for the losers, Tamesha's train wreck was clearly the loser. Stephen always seems to skate by on the fact that his dishes are too boring to remember while, for example, Tamesha has such bold flavors that a wrong step sends in crashing in a culinary fire ball of awfulness. I'm not sure if that is really a good tactic for Stephen in the long run. But, hey, he has managed to last longer than a lot of far, far better chefs so, yay?

Sitting in the Stew Room, Andrea just can't wait to tell Amanda about the cartilage and to hand her the receipt for the dental work she will need after biting into it. Amanda looks rightfully horrified. Angelo almost manages not to smirk as he tells Kenny that he is up for elimination. Kenny is not amused. Kenny is not amused, but he is aware that THEY ARE ALL OUT TO GET HIM. Why? Because he is the best cook in the entire universe and they all know it. Padma comes in and invites Tiffany and Kevin in to be judged. Tiffany and Kevin do a good job pretending that they are super surprised by this outcome, but didn't everyone in the Stew Room tell them that they were selected? What's the surprise? Gail thinks Kevin's dish came together really beautifully. Michelle Bernstein thinks Tiffany's tuna was the most refreshing dish they had and everyone wanted to keep eating it. As the guest judge, Michelle gets to announce the winner: Kevin! Not only does he get the win, but he also gets a Hilton vacation. Six nights in Hawaii courtesy of the Hilton! Airfare included! Woot! That's the first time I've wanted to be a Top Chef contestant, like, ever!

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