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Kevin's victory is soured by the fact that he has to go tell the losers that they are, in fact, LOSERS. Tamesha looks surprised, but Kenny look resigned to the fact that everyone is out to get him and he will have to cut some people as soon as he puts up with the farce of having that wannabe Colicchio dare to judge him. This is such a weird season. The producers keep creating new challenges, but the challenges are so poorly designed that the best chefs keep ending up in the bottom and cooks like Stephen, who obviously aren't nearly as good, keep skating by. This is not a well-planned competitive reality show.

In front of the judges, Kenny looks pissed, as is his wont, but Tamesha looks nervous and is showing her age. They start in on her demanding to know why she chose to use a long pepper? She claims she has made it with that pepper before, but they aren't buying it. Michelle Bernstein chimes in to degrade her scallop. It was cooked on one side and then put into a viscous liquid and was all around gnarly. Tamesha has watched the show enough to know to stand behind her dish despite the fact that Michelle described the dish as if she was frenching the scallop and not in an Angelo sexxxy time sort of way. Tom lists off the 27 ingredients that he could taste in the dish and not one of them was scallop. He brushes off the dish as loss. Tamesha nods meekly.

Kenny (who could be a viable competitor for Colicchio in a Provincetown bear competition) stares down the judges as they try to explain what exactly was wrong with his dish. Kenny doesn't believe any of it, though. He knows his dish was practically perfect in every way. But he knows his competitors want to bring him down. Tom didn't think the two dishes Kenny prepared worked together and Gail thinks it was so complex that the commonality of capers was lost. Kenny nods like he has any idea what the hell Gail is talking about and then Padma asks him the question he has been waiting hours for someone to ask: Why did his peers vote for his elimination? Kenny stands up straighter and recites with conviction the speech he penned in the Stew Room. I am a threat to the other competitors! I am consistently in the top! I am the competition!

Having been forced to lay off of Andrea, Michelle Bernstein has a lot of pent up bitchiness at this point so she cuts off Kenny's speech. She reminds Kenny that although she just got here, she has taste buds and she hated his dish. If she was going to list all the things she hated about the dish they would be in the Room of Judgment all day, all night, and probably into next week. Kenny blinks once, then twice. This does not compute.

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