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In the last episode, my favorite character to hate went home. I still have hope that Bene will lose his mind at some point, but he isn't as villainous as Jason was. Nicholas was friends with Jason and I must have missed that, but it doesn't matter now. Nicholas is sad because he and Jason wanted to cook their way through this show together. Jason should have made those salmon rolls to order, though, am I right? Seriously, am I? I have no idea.

For this next challenge, I'm guessing it will have something else to do with Mardi Gras or the French Quarter or Bourbon Street… or Disney's The Princess and The Frog. New Orleans has so many more clichés to offer. But first, the Quickfire challenge.

The judge for this challenge is Dana Cowin, who is a tough and lovely lady. They make an awkward introduction for the challenge about "food trends." Emeril says one of the big food trends was "blackened," and restaurants were using that everywhere, probably until Chili's got a hold of it and made it uncool. Padma says there are some food trends we wish would just "go away," and that is what this challenge is all about. Coincidentally, the results of this Quickfire will make one of the chefs just go away.

Dana Cowin says that chefs can often have an unhealthy relationship with trends and she got to choose her four most hated food trends to challenge the chefs with. The chefs must stand up for these food trends and make them cool to Dana again. Good luck, chefs, am I right?

The trends are eggs, kale, smoked and bacon. After Sara admits that she likes eggs on top of everything and Dana advises the chefs not to make kale salad or kale chips, Padma announces that this is an elimination Quickfire. We still have no idea who most of these chefs are, so many of them have to go before we can start investing in favorites. Immunity is also up for grabs. The chefs only have 30 minutes to impress the over-it Dana Cowin.

Olivia Newton John and some other chef whose name I forget are working on the "smoked" trend. Michael is also doing that and he won't stop saying the word "smoke." I think I will hate Michael next, and I am starting to love Justin. By the way, the viewers think that kale is the food trend most past its prime. Take that, kale -- fuck off already!

Shirley is working the egg challenge, making a soft and fluffy scrambled egg. The blonde chef from last season is working on bacon and making a bacon sweet potato pasta. Bret, who might be an idiot, is doing a kale salad on top of a gazpacho in spite of Dana Cowin's advice. Aaron is also ignoring Dana by doing crispy kale, otherwise known as kale chips. Nina, the chef from the Caribbean, is working on putting an egg on top of a soup.

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