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Some unspecified amount of time has passed, and the four finalists are now arriving in Vancouver. Sarah arrives first, and claims that she wants to be a nicer person than she was in Texas. Well, as long as she doesn't have to interact with Beverly, I'm sure that will totally work out for her. Lindsay arrives next, and then Paul, because of course the producers are doing that reality show thing of making sure the outcast stays the outcast by manipulating their arrival times. Lindsay interviews that she, Sarah, and Paul have a "special bond" because they're not weirdos like Beverly. She's a little bit nicer than that, but not much. I mean, seriously. I can sort of understand being under pressure and acting out, but they've had time away. Can't they all just suck it up and stop being mean to Beverly, even if she is annoying and weird?

Paul's hair is longer now, and I do not approve. He looked better with the shorter hair, even if his hair is receding. Anyway, he gives an interview about how his grandfather fled China for the Philippines and Paul feels like he (as the oldest grandchild) has to be successful so that his grandfather's sacrifices were worth it.

The four finalists pile into their van and find a letter from Padma instructing them to drive up to Whistler, so they take off. As they travel, Lindsay notes that she wishes she hadn't got as upset as she did during some previous challenges, and that's as close as we'll see to an apology from any of these people for how they treated one another. Paul asks Bev about Last Chance Kitchen and she barely gets two words out of her mouth in response before Sarah interrupts, "LOOK AT THAT TREE!!" That better have been one exciting tree, because RUDE. Although, for all we know, Beverly was droning on and on about it and everyone tuned out. Beverly interviews that Lindsay and Sarah never respected her, but she doesn't care, because earning her way back into the competition proved to herself that she has what it takes to win. I'm not so sure about that. I'm still mad at how they rigged it for her to beat Nyesha. Think how much more interesting these finals would be if Nyesha were in Beverly's place. At least there would be a question about who's going to take it. Now we all know it will be Paul.

They arrive at Whistler, get kitted out in ski gear, and take a gondola up to the top of the mountain. Paul says that he gets motion sickness sometimes, so he's not super happy about being in the gondola. Foreshadowing. Tom and Padma are waiting at the top of the mountain and they're getting blown around by the wind and snow. They are really high up! The cheftestants walk out, and Padma greets them. I think her face is frozen because she's enunciating even less than she usually does. Tom reminds them that Whistler was the setting for the 2010 Olympics. Ah, I remember it well. I had newborn twins, so I did nothing but sit around and watch curling while feeding the babies a bazillion times a day. I have never watched an Olympics so thoroughly. Anyway, the tie-in is that they are going to do three rounds of "Culinary Games." Each round's winner will advance to the finals, while the losers continue to compete until there is one ultimate loser, who will be eliminated from the competition. Let the games begin!

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