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Frozen Food

Sarah is making a soup but the cream was frozen so her soup separates. She starts blending it like a madman, trying to get the cream integrated into the broth. I feel like that rarely works out, but she doesn't have enough time or ingredients to do anything else. And then time is up.

The judges approach Sarah first. She made pea and spinach soup with turmeric, almonds, and King crab. It should be noted that Paul gave her the King crab. Padma asks what the hardest part of the challenge was, and Sarah says it was finding ingredients and then dealing with the frozen cream. Tom tastes mostly spinach, and he thinks that's a good thing. Well, she didn't advertise it as crab soup, so that's good. Gail thinks the almonds are a little heavy. Tom likes the crab, and knows that was Paul's doing.

Next up for tasting is Paul, who made poached King crab, toasted almonds, and mango chutney with orange marmalade. Gail likes the mango, but admits that it was still a little bit frozen. Skeleton dude thought the crab and almonds were exceptional. And that's all we hear about Paul for now.

And finally, Beverly served seared scallop with red wine reduction, buttered peas, corn, and couscous. Skeleton guy asks if she was thinking of any of the other cheftestants while she was hacking away at the ice with a pick, and Gail says she probably was. That says to me that the food is terrible, since they're showing this instead of people talking about the food. Gail thinks the sear on the scallop was good, but the sauce was a little heavy. Padma thought the couscous was good. I feel like if they don't show Tom's comments, it means the dish wasn't good, since he's typically the most honest.

Tom looks exhausted as he says that they were all impressed, but there can only be one winner. And Padma announces that the winner is Paul. These challenges are kind of bullshit because we aren't hearing anything about why Paul won. What about his dish was better than the others? Did they take into account that he gave up ingredients to the other two? We will never know. So anyway, Paul is moving on to the finals and that leaves Sarah and Beverly to duke it out. The producers must be psyched, since this is what they wanted all along.

So the next day, presumably, it's time for the showdown between Beverly and Sarah. They approach the three judges and a guest and notice that Padma is holding a rifle. Are they going to kill zombies? That would be kind of awesome. Beverly wonders if they're going to have to shoot their own game. Maybe they will just shoot one another and get it over with. It's like "The Most Dangerous Game." Beverly will hunt Sarah down in the woods. Whoever comes out alive gets to go to the finals. Don't act like the producers didn't think about it.

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