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Anyway, their guest judge is Cammi Granato, Olympic hockey player. But that has nothing to do with their event. They are going to do the biathlon, the event that everyone talks about only during the Olympics. Well, that and curling. They have to cross-country ski through the woods, and then shoot targets that represent various ingredients. They only get ten bullets. I wonder what would happen if one of them got zero bullseyes. Would they just not get to cook? Sarah says that she used to shoot guns with her dad, while Beverly has never held a gun.

Time starts, and they both put on their cross-country skis. Beverly seems to do better with the skis. It would have been nice if they had given them a modicum of instructions on cross-country skiing, since neither of them is doing it right. They're both kind of doing it like downhill skiing, instead of "walking" the skis. Beverly takes a huge lead, but then both of them keep falling down. Beverly gets to the shooting range first, and hits her first attempt, arctic char. Sarah finally arrives and decides to go for rabbit. She misses her first four attempts, but finally gets rabbit with her fifth bullet. Meanwhile, Beverly has hit a total of five out of ten, so she has lots of ingredients. Sarah whines that she feels like Beverly got more bullets than her. She didn't. You just wasted a lot of bullets and kept missing. Sarah ends up with rabbit, cabbage, and cherries for her ingredients.

Beverly heads for the kitchen. She decides to slow roast her fish, which she knows might be risky since she doesn't have a ton of time, but she feels confident that it's the best decision with the ingredients that she has. Sarah's concept is to prepare the rabbit a few different ways, by braising part and roasting part, and then pairing it with a kraut puree, which she feels will reflect her German heritage. Well, she's not wrong.

Beverly tells Sarah that she's making a dish that she's never made before, using ingredients that are unfamiliar. That always works out well in a final, right? To do something completely new? Bev is worried because there's no lemongrass or coconut milk in the pantry, and that's what she usually uses. So I kind of get what the other chefs were saying about how she doesn't know how to cook anything but Asian food. Because shouldn't a great chef have a basis in classical cooking techniques and ingredients? Anyway, then Bev comes over to Sarah's station to use her electrical outlet, even though she has one on her own station. Sarah points this out but pretends it's fine, even though it's clearly bothering her. And that would be annoying, and if Beverly weren't a weirdo, she would take the blender back over to her own station.

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