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Frozen Food

Plating is done and it's time to serve! Beverly serves slow-roasted arctic char, onion and beet compote, celery root truffle puree, and shaved fennel salad with winter black truffles on top. Sarah serves braised rabbit leg and heart with cherries, hazelnuts, and sauerkraut puree. I wonder what happened to the roasted loin she was planning on serving.

Tom asks Beverly about her decision process. Beverly says that she knows that celery root goes well with seafood. Tom asks why she pureed it, and she says she wanted to give a "puree quality" to the dish. Tom acts like that makes any sense at all. Beverly adds that she wanted the sweetness of the onions to counteract the beets. Tom thinks it's a good dish with good flavors, but the fish is slightly overcooked. Gail likes the flavor profile, which was earthy. Tom moves on to tell Sarah that she took a lot of risks, making kraut and braising in such a short time, but it worked. Sarah says that she was going for a Germanic/Northern Italy thing, plus that's her heritage. Cammi says that she loved it from the first bite. Gail thinks the rabbit was a little tough, and wanted it to be more tender. Tom says that this won't be an easy decision, and the cheftestants are excused so that the judges can discuss.

Back in the kitchen, Sarah asks Beverly what she thinks, and Beverly says that it's going to be close. Wow, that was a fascinating look into their thought processes.

The judges discuss Sarah's dish first. Cammi liked the cherries and hazelnut together. Tom agrees, and thinks that each ingredient added something to the texture. He also liked that Sarah used the heart. Gail brings up the rabbit being tough again, which was problematic. For Beverly's dish, Gail likes that she paired seafood with earthy flavors like beets and onions, but Tom disagrees because he thought that the char disappeared due to lack of seasoning. Padma pretends like she has emotions when she says that, despite their determination, one of the cheftestants is going home tonight.

Lindsay and Paul show up in the kitchen to provide moral support. They want to know if the judges gave them any feedback on their dishes. Beverly says that hers was slightly overdone. Lindsay is really rooting for Sarah and they try to make it out like Paul is rooting for Beverly, but Paul's just a nice person, I think.

Beverly and Sarah head back out to learn their fates from the judges. Tom says that Sarah's dish was well thought out, and she took a new approach to cabbage even if the rabbit wasn't perfect. Beverly went out of her comfort zone (because she was forced to) and downplayed the char, which may not have been the right choice. So who's going home? Padma tells Beverly to pack her knives and go. Ugh. I can't decide who I wanted to leave more, although I was getting pretty tired of the whole Redemption of Beverly storyline. Does this mean they won't do Last Chance Kitchen next season? And also, how many episodes are left? And why is the answer greater than one? Anyway, Sarah tries to pretend like she is sad that Beverly is going but really she's just happy that she made the finals. And Beverly whatever. Who cares? She's a weirdo. She's not even interesting enough to get worked up about. Can't we just crown Paul the winner right now and be done with it?

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