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Padma wants to know where Chuy got the idea for his salmon dish, and he says he's done it before in his restaurant. Gail explains that the salmon was overcooked and the cheese tasted mealy. Chuy explains that he had to overcook the salmon to ensure that the cheese would be hot in the middle. Tom is mystified by that, since it suggests that the whole concept of the dish was ruined before he started cooking. Chris Moto explains that he saw that the host had cigar cases. Tom says that it was a novel idea, but the dish wasn't the best use of those ingredients. John Besh says that it was a gimmick and it was hard to eat, and Chris should have focused on making a dish that tasted good instead.

The cheftestants are dismissed. They go back to the Stew Room. Chris Moto says that he was too ambitious. Back to the judges: Tom says that Chuy's dish made no sense, and he should have reworked the dish to make it work without overcooking the salmon. John Besh didn't think the dish had any redeeming value. Gail doesn't think Chris's dish made any sense and it was unappealing, and none of them wanted to eat it. Tom thinks he was married to the idea but couldn't make it work. As for Chris Hollywood's dish, there was a huge cupcake and tons of fruit and the ice cream, none of which looked good. John Besh wonders what was up with Ty's pork tenderloin, and Gail says that it was a mess and he threw everything onto the plate and none of it worked.

The judges call back the bottom four. Tom says that, for each of them, a little bit of thinking through the dish could have prevented the problems they had. Chris Hollywood tried to make a cupcake when he didn't know how, and he threw every ingredient they mentioned on the plate instead of editing. Ty also needed to edit, as his dish was sloppy and unfocused. Chuy had an idea but it needed overcooked salmon to work, and no one likes overcooked salmon. Chris had an idea and held onto it despite evidence that it was a bad idea.

So who's going home? Chuy. I'm guessing it's because he had a bad concept and executed it badly. Chuy interviews that he wanted to go further but one mistake can send you home, as many have noted before him. The other cheftestants are sad to see him go, or at least act sad. Chuy doesn't feel ashamed, because he was competing against the best, and was the youngest in the competition. Little does he know that now he's going up against Keith to win the chance to return to the competition.

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