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Time's up! Let's eat. Chris Moto made fried chicken on lemongrass noodles. He's served it in a corn husk. For no reason. Chuy made basmati rice with smoked trout, and when he admits that the trout is canned, John Besh is like, "NEXT!" Grayson serves pickled herring with hearts of palm, dates and herring juice. Nothing about that sounds like something I would want to eat. Even Grayson has to laugh when she says "herring juice." Lindsay has made what she calls "triple club with tuna and sardines in French onion soup with Vienna sausage." It's really saltine crackers with some crap from a can and I don't even know what the soup is made out of and I don't want to think about it too hard. It looks like something you'd eat in your dorm room during finals week because you were out of change for the vending machine. Lindsay admits in an interview that she's not super proud of the saltine sandwich.

Ty-Lor made black pepper chicken stew with garbanzo beans and filled half the plate with plain rice in case the flavors were too strong. Well, that's a vote of confidence in your cooking, isn't it? Here's something to mute the terrible taste in your mouth. Ty-Lor says that he cooked the rice in water, not even in chicken broth. I don't know if it wasn't available or he just decided not to use it. Padma admits that the rice is pretty good, given the conditions. Sarah cooked dried beef and pineapple rice, apple sauce, and hearts of palm. Did she make apple sauce or just open up a jar of apple sauce and plop some on the plate? Because the latter seems pretty lame. Chris Hollywood made spicy garbanzo beans with tofu and crab. He used Crystal Light lemon drink powder for his acid, which amazes John Besh. That might be amazed in a bad way, mind you.

Whitney (who?) made beer and peach glazed chicken with green bean casserole. Beer and peach? I don't feel like those two things taste great together, but what do I know? Ed's non-Flintstone food is Thai peanut soup with salmon, tofu and fried hominy. I don't know why you need the tofu, honestly. There's also a crab and artichoke cake wrapped in nori. Those things were in the bag? Paul went simple: pork and beans with coffee and basmati rice. Makes sense to me -- when you have to cook camp-style, make camping food, but make it good. Dakota made sweet and spicy noodles with crab meat and pineapple juice. Padma comments that the pineapple juice is very sweet, and Dakota's face falls.

Those are all the dishes we're going to see! John Besh says that some of them didn't get very inventive. Padma wants names. NAMES! John says that Whitney used chicken and green beans straight out of a can, Dakota's dish used too many sweet ingredients and didn't have dimension and Chris Hollywood underseasoned his proteins and it threw the whole dish off. And who were the favorites? Besh liked Edward's attention to detail, especially his crab cakes. He was scared of Lindsay's dish when he first saw it, but once he tasted it, he thought it was fantastic. And Chuy's dish made Besh a believer in canned smoked trout. So who wins? Besh says it's about the chef that was the most resourceful and inventive, and that was Lindsay. Edward is disappointed, because he thought Lindsay's sandwich looks incredibly dry. Sore loser. Lindsay wins some cash and immunity in the next Elimination. She hopes her dad is proud that she won using Vienna sausages.

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