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The cheftestants arrive at the kitchens in the home where they will be cooking and serving. They have two hours to cook. Sarah explains that she's doing an appetizer and she's excited to be cooking the food that she wants to cook, which is Italian food. Ty-Lor is in the entrée house, and he's terrified of going before the judges again. Nyesha asks if anyone has blanching water on, and Beverly says that she doesn't, but she does have water on for polenta. So Nyesha puts a pot of water on the stove. This will be important later. Over at the dessert house, Edward's back hurts and Chris Hollywood is freaking out about baking, as he should be.

The appetizer group is getting close to service. Chris Moto is making an appetizer that looks like a cigar. With ash. Because who doesn't want to eat a cigar, especially the ashes? Paul interviews that Chris needs to realize that you have to please the lady of the house, and the man will fall in line. Kind of sexist, but also kind of true, especially with these couples.

In the entrée group, everyone's getting annoyed with Beverly. We don't really see enough to know why. It seems that she's taking pots and pans from others without asking, and then spreading her shit all over the place and using more than her fair share of space. At least that's what Nyesha and Heather say. Also, we do see Beverly moving Nyesha's pot of blanching water off the burner without asking, and Nyesha asks her to move it back, and also give back the colander she took. So it seems like Beverly is used to cooking and sharing equipment, and doesn't seem to get the vibe that this is a competition and people may not want to share, or she should at least ask first. It is kind of shitty to just start taking equipment from other people's stations. Beverly interviews that they're all leaving stuff everyone and she feels singled out. Of course, since we only saw about thirty seconds of footage, we don't really know what's going on. But given what we've seen thus far, I could see Beverly being oblivious.

The dessert group is all working at a furious pace. Ed says that he's taking some of the couple's suggestions but not all, because he isn't using fudge and bananas. He figures that there are twelve people eating dessert, so he's not going to make something just for those two; he's going to make an elegant dessert that hopefully everyone will like. I guess so, but if part of the challenge is making the hosts happy, that could backfire.

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