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Heather made garlic and rosemary grilled lamb chops with garbanzo beans and mint chimichurri. Chuy made Sockeye salmon fillet stuffed with goat cheese, served in corn husks for no apparent reason. Beverly serves seared scallop with creamy polenta. Ty-Lor serves grilled pork tenderloin with summer slaw. Nyesha made roasted fillet of beef with vegetable mélange and red wine sauce.

The first thing Gail says is that it's a lot of food. I know from reading her blog that they were concerned because the cheftestants didn't downsize their dishes, knowing that there would be five entrees served. I guess that makes sense, but there are always a ton of dishes served and they're never told to take that into consideration. The diners seem to like Chuy's salmon, especially the hosts. They also like Beverly's scallop dish, and would love to have it again at another party. Gail thinks Ty's pork is sloppy, and another diner says it reminds her of something her parents would have made in the '50s. Is that a compliment? Tom is disgusted with Heather's overcooked lamb chops. DISGUSTED! The idiot wife from earlier says that it looks like blood on the plate of Nyesha's dish, but John Besh assures her that it's a red wine reduction. I thought she didn't eat meat anyway? What does she care? And frankly, there's nothing wrong with a little juice from the beef on the platter as far as I'm concerned. She needs to go back to her garbanzo beans.

Yay! Desserts! Dakota realizes that she doesn't have a vessel for her milkshake, so she forms dates into tiny shot glasses. Grayson admits that dessert isn't her thing. The host doles out his "inner fat kid" line once again, because he's really proud of it. He shouldn't be. Chris Hollywood is nervous because he has like twenty different things on his plate and he's worried it will be cluttered. And it's time to serve!

Dakota serves banana bread pudding (with Reese's peanut butter cups!), banana mousse, and banana-date milkshake. I really hate bananas so that doesn't appeal to me, but I like that she gave them three options. Chris Hollywood made a strawberry cupcake with banana custard and chocolate icing. Edward serves cardamom-scented pannacotta, cantaloupe consommé and raspberries stuffed with basil pudding. It's definitely elegant and refined. I just don't need refined with my desserts. I like hot fudge sundaes. Grayson made chocolate sponge cake, caramelized bananas, and semifreddo, and it's in the shape of a Whoopie pie.

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