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The diners make fun of Edward's dish because it looks like Elmo and it's jiggly. They are rubes. This is what you would get if the cheftestants served Thanksgiving dinner to my family. We are a bunch of hicks. It would be funny, though. And no one would eat any vegetables. And they would ask for ketchup. Anyway. The diners think Grayson's dish is a little rich, and Tom comments that he thought it was impossible to be too rich in Dallas. HA HA HA. Tom hates these people. The inner fat kid guy loooooooves the cupcake, as Tom glowers. Padma asks with an evil grin what Tom thinks and he says that if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything. Take that, inner fat kid. Your palate sucks! Everyone loves Dakota's bread pudding.

Weird interstitial. The cheftestants all joke about how Chuy likes to tell stories about how awesome his dad is. They all start doing Chuck Norris facts about Chuy's dad.

The cheftestants sit out on a patio for their makeshift Stew Room. Dakota is worried that the texture was off in her bread pudding. Padma comes out and asks to see Sarah, Grayson, Paul and Dakota. They all think they're the bottom four, as they roll their eyes and head in to see the judges. But then Padma tells them that they are the top four. They're shocked and relieved. Tom tells Grayson that he loved that she used chocolate-covered pretzels, and he likes salt with his dessert. No one mentions the chocolate smear on her plate, which looks like a skidmark. I'm sorry, but it does. John Besh thought Sarah's artichoke dish was refined and flavorful. Gail thought Dakota's bread pudding had great texture and it was comforting. Tom explains that Paul's dish was all about texture and everything on the plate made sense. John Besh gets to announce the winner, and it's Paul. Go, Paul! He's doing well so far! He thinks he's representing Texas well.

They have to send back Chris Moto, Ty, Chris Hollywood and Chuy. That's two people from the entrée group, and there were no people from the entrée group in the top four. Ouch. You'd think the entrée would be the easiest one for them. They're used to making entrees. Anyway, they start with talking to Chris Hollywood. Tom says that his dish was all over the map, and had a ton of stuff and flavors on the plate. Chris Hollywood says that the hosts gave them a lot of input and he tried to use all of it, but John Besh says that's a good way to wind up with a big mess. Padma asks Ty if he was satisfied when he sent his dish out, and Ty admits that it was sloppy. Gail thinks the whole thing was out of proportion and too big, and John Besh thinks his knife skills weren't up to par and the meat was kind of hacked off.

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