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The morning after the double elimination, various cheftestants are making breakfast and/or getting ready for the day. Leah is sad to lose Melissa, but she's happy that Hosea is still there. We'll find out just how happy in a few minutes. Hosea is wearing a T-shirt that says "I heart Padma" and I wish they didn't have to wear the chef's coats in the kitchen because I'd like to see Padma's reaction to that shirt. If she even noticed. Hosea says that he's getting pretty sick of Stefan talking shit all the time, and Hosea is now gunning for Stefan. I don't know how you can really target someone for elimination on this show unless you are on a team and somehow set them up for failure, but I think Stefan is probably too smart to put himself in that position. Stefan brags about how he's won three challenges already and asks, "How do you like that, Hosea? How do you like that in your face?" I think Stefan needs to work on his idioms a bit.

Quickfire Challenge. The cheftestants walk into the kitchen and find Padma standing there with Hung, the winner of Season Three. Stefan is gazing at Hung with love in his eyes. Or maybe he's looking at Padma. Hard to say. Fabio interviews that he knows Hung loves to cook fish, and there's a giant structure next to Padma with a sheet over it, so Fabio thinks there will be an aquarium underneath with fish in it. Given the shape and size of the structure, it's not a bad guess. Padma announces that any chef can create great food with fresh, seasonal ingredients, but that's not what this challenge is about today. She whips off the sheet (wonder how many takes that required) to reveal some shelves filled with canned goods like you would find in most home pantries. The cheftestants are HORRIFIED. They have to use canned goods? Like a commoner? Why, most of those ingredients aren't even organic! The horror! I realize I'm a little touchy about this. Of course, fresh ingredients are always going to taste better. The thing is, where I live right now, we have about ten inches of snow on the ground, and that's going to be true until about April. So unless you either ship stuff in from other parts of the world, which is not the greatest in terms of the carbon footprint, or you have stuff frozen and/or canned from the warmer months, you're kind of screwed. So most of us make do with canned food. Granted, I'm not even close to a top chef, but I am probably a typical viewer of the show, and I find it kind of insulting. But as Fabio would say, this is Top Chef, not Top Kim Goes On A Rant About Food Snobs, so I'm done.

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