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Pigs and Rabbits

Colicchio says that they've broken down a pig into its primal cuts. Each cheftestant will have to choose one part of the pig and prepare it for the judges. The only thing is, the pig isn't completely butchered, so they have to know something about butchering to do well in this challenge, or hope that someone else knows something about butchering. They have an hour to cook their dish, and Emeril and Tom will be walking around while they cook and watching how they work.

Time starts and they all run over to the pig. Some people get the cut they want, and some don't, obviously. Grayson gets the pork tenderloin, which seems pretty easy but maybe not the most difficult. I mean, I can cook a tenderloin, and I definitely can't cook ears or cheek or whatever. Tyler the Arrogant volunteers to butcher his part of the pig, which contains Grayson's tenderloin. He admits in an interview that he normally cooks for celebrities (drop a name, dude? Who?) and they have money to spend, so he gets his meat from a butcher, and doesn't butcher it himself. But he wrote his own cookbook! So he's pretty sure he can butcher! Also, I'm pretty sure his book is self-published, so he shouldn't get too cocky there. I don't feel like butchering is something you can kind of figure out as you go, or fake your way through. But maybe I'm wrong! Also, has Tyler had Botox? I know he's young, but his face seriously doesn't move AT ALL. Like his forehead is perfectly smooth and he has no crinkles near his eyes, and it's really weird. And if he can afford Botox, why wouldn't he also fix his miniature teeth?

Grayson is worried that she'll screw up her dish, the pork tenderloin. She hurries to get all of the other ingredients ready while Tyler butchers the meat. And he decides that he needs a saw, which seems like it should only be used to cut through bone, but again, I know nothing. Like Tyler. Meanwhile, Colin the Pale Vegan quickly admits that he can't butcher, since he hasn't cooked pig in like ten years, so Chris from Moto takes over and seems to know what he's doing.

Tom and Emeril check in with various cheftestants quickly. Richie the Moto Underling is cooking the ears, and he never has before, but he's eaten them, so he feels like he understands how to prepare them. Nyesha the Robuchon Mentee is making ravioli. Molly the Cruise Ship Chef is cooking the cheeks, and she plans to render the fat and then use it in a soup. She explains that soup is her specialty on the ship, and she doesn't want to stray too far from what she knows works. Good plan for this initial round.

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