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Pigs and Rabbits

Oh, Lordy. Tyler is sawing away at his pork cut with a hacksaw. That does NOT seem like a good idea. Tom walks over and is like, "What's up?" Tyler says that it's a big piece of meat and he doesn't usually butcher meat that size. Tom asks what he does butcher and instead of being honest and saying that he doesn't usually do any butchering, Tyler lies and says that he butchers smaller pieces of meat. What, like he trims the fat off a chicken breast? Because if that's butchering, I do that once a week.

Grayson asks who has her loin, and no one answers. Heather tells her that Tyler has it and she should go get it. Grayson runs over and Tyler just starts handing her random pieces of meat. I don't think he knows what a pork loin looks like. Tom is still standing there, witnessing this debacle. Tyler asks, "What do you need?" and Grayson says, "The tenderloin." Duh. Tom says he doesn't even see the tenderloin and Grayson points out that it's in tiny pieces, because he hacked it up. She starts trying to cut a usable piece of meat as Tyler chuckles nervously. She ends up with this tiny piece of loin, and at this point, she should probably rethink her plan, but she decides to stuff it anyway. It's about a quarter of the size of a pork tenderloin you'd buy at the store.

Emeril has now joined Tom at Tyler's Station of Butchery But Not The Good Kind of Butchery. Tom asks if Tyler would buy that piece of meat at the store, because it looks awful, and Tyler admits that he wouldn't, but says that he's not a butcher. Tom also faults Tyler for ruining Grayson's piece of meat, and Tyler gives the reality-show defense that it's not his problem. Which it isn't, but if he had butchered the meat properly, this wouldn't be an issue. Tyler thinks they are all laughing and joking around until Tom tells him that he should probably just go home. Tyler's like, "What? Give me a shot!" Tom is stone-faced and tells him to pack his knives and go. Dude! I didn't know they'd be eliminating people before they even cooked anything! That is awesome. I love it. I love hardcore Tom. Tyler and his baby teeth interview that he's not worried because he's going right to the top. And I'm sure he can have a great career in Sacramento, but he's not a top chef. Heather reminds us that this is "a serious competition for serious chefs" and she thinks Tyler deserved to be sent home. I agree, Heather. Get that weirdo out of here.

After Tyler gets sent home, the other cheftestants are like, "OH SHIT" and get to cooking. Tom asks Grayson why she let Tyler butcher her meat, and she says that she assumed he knew what he was doing, and it would give her time to work on her food. Tom points out that she's learned the hard way not to trust other people in the kitchen on this show. Grayson frantically tries to stuff her tiny piece of loin with some mushroom paste or something. She's screwed.

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