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Pigs and Rabbits

Sarah is grinding her pig skin and making a pasta for some filling. She works for Tony Montuano, who you may remember from Masters. They show flashback pictures of her experience and career, and I have to say that she looked a lot better with longer hair. Not that she cares what I think. Anyway, she has traveled in Italy and is making a dish inspired by a Northern Italian sausage dish.

Heather says that her grits tasted like "a salt lick," so she dumped half of them out and added more milk, because she doesn't have time to redo it. Add a potato! I don't know. That works when you oversalt your soup. Speaking of salt, Richie explains that he has "a salty palate." So I guess he tends to oversalt things? His boss Chris tastes his food and tells him it's good. Is it good? Or is Chris sabotaging him? I'm just trying to introduce some drama because now that Tyler's gone, things have gotten a bit boring.

With one minute left, everyone is plating. Sarah and Chris finish just in time. Not so lucky is Colin the Pale Vegan, who tries to pour soup into a tiny bowl and splatters the soup all over the place. He gets the bowls filled, but there are splatters and splotches all over his plates, and he doesn't have time to wipe them up.

So they are serving in small groups, and the first group is Chris from Moto, Sarah from Chicago, and Colin the Pale Vegan. Tom immediately notices that Colin's plates are terrible, and asks what happened. Colin says that he lost the tip on the foamer, which doesn't make any sense, because the problem came in when he was pouring his soup. Was he going to foam his soup? I don't get it. Anyway, they don't even taste his food. They just tell him that his plate's a disaster so he's out. Damn. That is hardcore. Love it! Get out!

Padma explains how things will work. There are three judges (Padma, Tom, and Emeril), and it's majority rule whether they stay or go. However, they do have a third option of putting people "on the bubble" and those people will have to cook one more time for the chance to stay. I'm not sure I like the bubble. That doesn't seem hardcore at all. Bubbles are softcore. But now, the dishes. Chris from Moto had pork belly and has made a caramel apple stuffed with braised pork belly and sweet applesauce. That sounds awesome. I would like to eat that right now. Sarah has made pig skin ravioli. I kind of dig that she didn't give it a lot of fancy names. The judges start with Chris. Tom thought it was a classic combination of ingredients, and he thinks Chris should go through. So does Emeril, so Chris is on the show. He and his floppy '90s hair are very grateful. Now on to Sarah's food. Tom thinks she had a difficult ingredient and she made it great, so she's in for him, and Emeril quickly agrees that she pulled it off. Sarah is so, so happy. It's nice to see someone who's not all cool and collected.

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