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Pigs and Rabbits

Next group is just Grayson and Molly. Presumably Tyler would have been in this group as well. Grayson is freaked out because she has very little pork on her plate, and she knows it's her own fault. Molly is anxious to prove that cruise ship dining is fine dining and not mass production. They start with Molly, who had pork cheek and made smoked sweet potato soup with pork cheek and tequila cilantro lime cream. Wow, that sounds good. It looks nice, too. Grayson made haricots vert with toasted hazelnuts and mushroom stuffed tenderloin. They start with Molly's dish. Tom says that he liked the soup, but he wanted more pork. Emeril agrees that he liked it, but he's on the fence, so Molly is on the bubble. What about Grayson? Tom says that the meat is nicely cooked but some of the flavors are out of balance, so he'd like to see her cook again. Emeril is of the same mind, so she's also on the bubble.

The final group plates their food. It's Richie the Moto Underling, Nyesha of Robuchon Fame, Heather from Chicago, and Simon Who I Haven't Mentioned And You'll See Why Shortly. Nyesha had pork shoulder and made a Tex-Mex ravioli. It doesn't look great, but I bet it tastes fantastic. Richie had pig ears and he made onion soup with braised and crispy pig ears, pickled shallots, and frozen parsley powder. Simon had ham and made a ham roulade stuffed with fig confit and goat cheese. His dish seems really '90s to me, right down to the plating. Heather had baby back ribs (can you ever hear that without singing the Chili's song? Just me?) and she made maple and citrus glazed baby back ribs with bacon, corn, and bleu cheese grits. It sounds good but it looks kind of heavy, like there's a lot of food piled on that plate for fine dining.

The judges start with Nyesha, who wanted to keep her dish Tex-Mex. Emeril loves it, and Padma agrees that it was beautiful and tasty, so she's in. Next up is Heather. Tom thinks that the flavors were soulful and satisfying, and Emeril loved it too, so she's in. How about Simon? Emeril thought it was overcooked and dry, and Tom thinks there was too much going on, so they dismiss him. He's OUT. Richie is last, and he worries that his salty palate did him in. Tom admits that the food is on the verge of being salty, but it's well seasoned. Emeril thinks the food has tremendous depth and taste, so Richie is through. Richie needs to lose the goatee and the Mohawk and act normal for once and I might start to like him.

The people who are through for sure (Richie, Chris, Sarah, and Heather) all go check out their house. Hey, they're all from Chicago! That's weird.

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