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Pigs and Rabbits

Tom walks up to Nina and basically tells her, "You have no experience and everyone else is an expert. So why are you here?" Um, wasn't she chosen to be there? It's not like she just wandered in off the street. TOM. Keith Who Looks Like Chef From South Park tells Tom that he cooks seafood mostly, right on the beach. Keith interviews that he made bad choices when he was younger and got caught selling drugs, and then went to jail. While he was in jail, he learned to cook. Wow. That is an actual success story from the penal system; you don't hear too many of those. Dakota thinks she has a leg up because she's going to put chocolate with rabbit, and no one else will do that.

Time winds down and everyone rushes to plate the food. Nina's lack of experience causes her to run out of time and the rabbit doesn't get on the plate. Just kidding! It has nothing to do with her lack of experience cooking and everything to do with her lack of experience cooking on this show, I think. Edward's last-minute switch up in cooking techniques means that he didn't have enough time to cook his rabbit, and he worries that it's undercooked. Mmm, raw rabbit. That sounds...disgusting, actually.

The first group is Nina, Whitney, Keith, and Edward. Tom tells Nina to GTFO because the challenge was to cook rabbit and she didn't end up with any rabbit on her plates. Oops. Whitney made rabbit sugo with tomatoes, shallots, asparagus, and bacon. Keith made herb-seared tenderloin, chicken-friend rabbit, Yukon potato hash, and braised rabbit confit. I'm really happy that he doesn't call it "a trio of rabbit" or some bullshit like that. Edward immediately gets on my shit list by offering up "a duo of rabbit", which is butter-poached rabbit with butternut squash puree (baby food). It annoys me that he calls it a duo because he means that there's two cuts from the rabbit, not rabbit prepared two ways.

Tom and Gail both think Whitney should get through to the Top Sixteen, so she's in. Padma asks Keith what he's thinking, and he jokes that he's too big to pass out. He is a giant. Tom thinks his rabbit was perfectly cooked and Gail also enjoyed it, so he's also through. Yay! He's one of my early favorites. And what about Edward and his raw rabbit. Padma points out that his rabbit wasn't cooked enough, but Tom thinks he has skill and would love to see him cook again. Gail agrees, so Edward is on the bubble. He vows to do better next time and goes to join the other bubblers in the Stew Room.

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