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Pigs and Rabbits

The next group starts to plate. Ty-Lor With An Umlaut explains that he made a last-second decision to soak the rabbit in fish sauce, which sounds kind of gross. Chuy is worried that he put too much sauce on his plates, but he's happy with his flavors. Janine doesn't have time to sauce her plates, though all the food does make it on.

This group consists of Janine, Dakota, Chuy, Ty-Lor, and Chris Hollywood. Janine made a rabbit nugget, rabbit rack, and rabbit loin saltimbocca with mushroom hash. See, she could call this a trio or rabbit three ways, but she doesn't, and I love her for that. Chuy made rabbit loin with cashew pipian and grilled zucchini. He did put way too much sauce on the plate; it looks like a soup. Chris Hollywood (as opposed to Chris Moto) made a duo of rabbit (of course) which is confit leg and butter-seared tenderloin with carrot polenta. Seems pretty similar to what some others did. I think he was Mr. Imagination. Ty-Lor made confit rabbit leg with pickled cucumber and tomatoes in fish sauce. Dakota made roast rabbit crepinettes with cocoa-vinegar bulgur wheat and vanilla jus. It sounds gross, but it's definitely a unique flavor combination.

Tom starts with Dakota, and he says that her flavor combinations worked, even though they were different. Padma and Gail agree, so she's in. She needs to lay off the black eyeliner. Ty-Lor is up next, and Tom and Gail have nothing but praise, so he is quickly through. Apparently making up a new name for yourself is the key to getting through. Padma thinks that Chris has "a certain level of technique" (is that a compliment?) and Gail thinks his rabbit was cooked the best of anyone, so he's through. Tom liked Janine's dish but he would have liked the sauce. Gail thinks she should go through, but Padma has reservations, so she's on the bubble.

Weird interstital. Edward, Molly, Grayson, and Janine are in the Stew Room. Janine posits that the reason they didn't get through is because they aren't visibly tattooed, since all the people who did make it through have a lot of ink. She takes a Sharpie and draw a tattoo on her arm. Look, she might get tiresome with the constant joking, but I appreciate that she doesn't take herself seriously.

So the only person left to be evaluated in this round is Chuy. He thinks they either saved the best for last or the worst for last. Padma says it might be neither. Tom liked that the heat from the sauce built, and Padma thinks he should go through. So Chuy's in too!

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