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ls her that her dumplings were just strips of dough, and Tiffany knows that she rolled them too thin. Jimmy wanted it to be more like comfort food, and it was too far away from the traditional version. Moving on to Fabio, Padma wonders if he treated it too much like a meatball. Fabio explains why he mixed all the different meats: to avoid drying it out. Sounds like it did exactly the opposite and Gail complains that it wasn't juicy, and Jimmy says it tasted like meatloaf. Tom brings up the terrible cheese sauce, which was grainy and bad. Jimmy tells Dale that it was too salty, and Dale explains that it was an overreaction to being told his food was bland. Gail reminds him that the pretzel roll was salted, and then the sauce had sodium, and it was layers of salt on salt on salt. Dale can't defend that. Jimmy already feels bad that he has to give them such bad news, because he's a fan of each of theirs. He complains that he's going to have to go out for a drink after this. Um, you're not the one being eliminated, Fallon. Maybe take it down a notch.

The three losers walk back into the Stew Room. The others want to know what happened, and Tiffany says that it's nitpicking time. I guess that's true in that none of the dishes were flat-out horrible. Dale admits that he totally forgot that the rolls were salted. I wonder if he tried the filling but never tried it on the roll? Fabio says that his cheese sauce curdled on the table. Plus, it was a cheese sauce, which is weird.

First, the judges talk about chicken and dumplings. Gail points out that you couldn't taste the chicken, and Jimmy says that you wanted the doughiness and the gravy, and she didn't provide either of those. They move on to Fabio and talk about how what he made wasn't a burger, because it was really a meatloaf in patty form. Did he use egg, I wonder? And bread crumbs? I don't know. And finally, Dale's sandwich was inedible after a few bites, because the saltiness just took over. Gail can't believe Dale didn't think about how it would come together, and Jimmy thinks tasting your food is "day one!" Day one at Saturday Night Live? When did Jimmy become a cooking expert? That was hilarious. Anyway, I really thought Dale was going home at this point; he was the only one where they said they couldn't even finish his dish, which seems like a pretty big mistake.

The three losers are brought back out to find out which one will be heading home. Tom goes through why they are each there: Tiffany made a clear soup with flat noodles instead of rich sauce and fluffy dumplings, Fabio made a dry meatloaf instead of a juicy burger, and Dale's food was too salty. And then Padma tells Fabio to pack his knives and go. Well. I will miss him from an entertainment standpoint. Dale clearly thought he was going. He looks like he might throw up. Fabio is a class act all the way, though. He grins and hugs everyone and shakes everyone's hand. That's how you go out. JEN. MARCEL. I don't think Fabio was the best cook on the show, but he always made me laugh. Since I can't taste the food, that counts for a lot.

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