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The Last Luau

It's down to the last battle of delicious foods we can't smell or taste, after weeks of a "grueling" competition. Nina's in it to make women, and black women, proud with her global cuisine and Caribbean upbringing. Nick is out to prove he was sabotaged from the beginning. Nick won both challenges in the last episode, so he has an advantage going into this final challenge.

This episode kicks off at the Judges' Table, with our professional food critics deliberating for what we are to believe is hours. Gail Simmons says they could go on, and Hugh Acheson declares it a tie. Tom tells Nina and Nicholas this is the closest call they've ever had to make. Flash back to 48 hours earlier, where it all began, to let this tale of "Ugh, Whatever, I'm Hungry" unfold.

Nick and Nina reflect, yet again, on their experiences on Top Chef. Padma comes out to tell them about their final challenge of the season. It's Restaurant Wars, singles edition. They will each take over a restaurant for the evening and serve a four-course menu. Padma reminds them to make sure the food is consistent.

The next morning, Nick and Nina reflect some more. Nicholas lost his job to do this show and he wants to start his own business cooking his own food with nobody around to sabotage or mar his knives. Padma, looking radiant in a fuchsia bikini fresh out of the ocean, brings in all of the season's previous contestants and I'm happy to know they got to go to Hawaii, too. She tells Nick and Nina they will have their pick of three chefs each for their restaurant team. Nick gets to choose all three of his sous chefs first, as his advantage. He chooses Jason, the prettyboy who was eliminated really early on. Nina isn't mad about that because who even is that guy? Then he chooses Louis for his technical savvy, and rounds out his team with Brian. Ugh, fuck you, Nick.

Nina gets to choose next, and I think she will still have a good team. She picks Shirley first, who is an asset to any group and wants to help Nina win. Stephanie is selected next, and then Travis, her Gossip Girl. Padma then takes Carlos, Sarah, and Jeanine to the beach so they can watch her get out of the ocean in that bikini. It's not a bad consolation prize.

The teams get to work on planning the menus. Nicholas wants to start with East Coast meets Hawaiian crudo. Haha, what does that mean? He wants to utilize Jason's skill and notoriety with scallop noodles for his second course. Nina wants to showcase local ingredients but also incorporate Italian. It's dedicated to her dad. Her first course will also be a crudo. The second course will be braised pork. She also wants to throw in two extra surprise courses. Get it, girl.

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