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The Last Luau

Back at Nick's restaurant for Men and Men, things aren't going well with service or expediting. They've been going to the wrong tables. He aggressively suggests they figure it out, but these Hawaiians aren't responding to tough love. He serves the second group of judges his first course and they agree it lacks seasoning. The second dish goes over better because it has seasoning. Tom calls the scallop noodles the best dish he's had all year.

Padma and her judges love Nina's bread course and prefer Nina's crudo course to Nick's. The second course also goes over extremely well here. They're having a great time, all of them. These third dishes have mixed results, as before. Nick's duck goes by a little more evenly this time, but his service is getting out of hand. He snipes at them to figure it out, then as they try to figure it out he shouts "god damn it!" like a fucking child. Gail Simmons calls this moment awkward.

The dessert courses roll out to the judges again and Tom says the panna cotta isn't quite a redemption but is vastly improved. They agree that Nick peaked at the right time and they'd be happy to have this meal at any restaurant any time. The judges agree Nina's swordfish dish is "too much of everything" and the dessert is just OK.

Finally, Nina and Nick face the judges for final congratulations and feedback. Gail confronts Nick about his yelling in the back immediately. Oh, by the way, that fish was under-seasoned again. They tell him everything they thought of his dishes throughout the service. They follow up with Nina, and her feedback seems to go over a bit better. The chefs are excused for a long deliberation.

The judges agree that Nina wins the first course, the crudo. The second courses are almost tied, but Nina gets a slight edge. The third courses are tied for "meh," but Nick is ahead by a bit. They also give Nick the win for the dessert course. Hugh Acheson calls this a tie, but Tom is not convinced it's a tie. It seems like Tom wants to go with Nick as the winner, but Padma votes that they consider service (plus all the extras Nina provided, and the fact that her stronger dishes were better than Nick's stronger dishes). Hugh mentions that they saw Nick lashing out at his servers and they all heard him lose his temper. Tom doesn't look convinced that it should matter. He's the hold-out. Tom is being an asshole, sticking up for assholes. Emeril mentions that he ate his swordfish and couldn't eat his duck. Tom is really being a codger.

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