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So now the Masters are back in the kitchen. Takashi sees that Paul made a dashi, so he plans to use it for a dressing/sauce. Anita loves the Chinese sausages that Lindsay sautéed. Floyd is psyched that Sarah seemed to get exactly what he wanted her to do, so I guess she didn't screw up the crabs. Then Floyd ribs Takashi for taking all of the pantry ingredients to his station, and reminds him that he doesn't get to keep the money if he wins. And... switch!

The cheftestants are in the kitchen for their final round. Lindsay feels like Anita did a great job showing her what needed to be done, but she's intimidated to actually finish the dish. Paul knows exactly what to do, since Takashi's already done most of it. He decides to add some Thai chile to the dish, because he knows that Padma likes spice. Except Paul realizes, as they finish plating, that he may have added too many chiles. Oops. Everyone finishes plating and brings the dishes out for judging.

Padma asks the cheftestants how they felt about the competition, and Paul says that it was an honor to work with these Masters. She asks the same question about the Masters and Anita says that it was a lot of adrenaline, and Floyd thinks it was fun. Takashi wanted to text Paul instructions. And now it's time to eat. Lindsay and Anita made scallop two ways: bok choy and chili, fried roe with sausage and water chestnut. Anita had intended three different preparations with a slightly different mix of ingredients. Emeril thinks the water chestnuts are great and Padma likes the flavors. Sarah and Floyd made pan-seared cod with coconut curry, crab salad with clementines and amaranth. Emeril thinks it's really interesting and Floyd says that she did exactly what he wanted. Paul and Takashi made mirugai sashimi with yuzu dashi, fried white fish, scallions, and chili. Takashi says it's pretty much what he intended, and he wanted to let the ingredients shine. Padma says that she and Emeril both like a lot of chile, but that was almost too much.

Judging! Emeril thought they all worked together and made good food. Lindsay cooked her proteins well but the sauce was somewhat overpowering. Padma liked Sarah's use of amaranth, and Emeril loved the sauce but thought it could have used more acid. Padma thought Paul made a brave dish, and Emeril commends him for using geoduck, but it had a little too much chile. Emeril compliments all three dishes again, but says that the winner is Sarah and Floyd. Sarah interviews that she's won $30,000 in Canada alone after winning no money in Texas, and she hopes this will help her push through to the finals.

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