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You're Hot and You're Cold

Elimination Challenge! Padma explains that they'll be combining the heat of Texas with the chill of Whistler. They're throwing a "Fire and Ice" party, which means they have to create a dish and a cocktail with both a hot and a cold element to serve one hundred fifty people. Emeril reminds them to show off their skills, because chili with a scoop of sour cream won't cut it. That would be really good, though. I have to stop recapping this show when I'm hungry. Lindsay interviews that heat could mean spice or it could mean temperature, and it's open to interpretation. Paul interviews that his mind is racing through dishes he's made in the past that might fit into this challenge.

Shopping! Lindsay interviews that she's struggling with her concept, because she's not sure if she should set something on fire and have something frozen, which would be a very literal interpretation. Paul's plan is to do something visually stunning that looks cold but tastes hot. Well, that's frustratingly non-specific. How will he do that? Magic? Maybe Paul is a wizard. That would explain so much about this season. Actually, it wouldn't explain anything, but it would at least make the season slightly more interesting. Sarah wants to make baked pasta, which is her warmth, but cool it off with a frozen ginger mousse. She knows that it'll be a risk, because she's never made it before. Lindsay buys halibut, which she knows is kind of boring, but she feels confident in her ability to cook it. Paul buys some essential oils to infuse in clear ice and snow. Lindsay notes that Sarah and Paul are doing snow and frozen things, which Lindsay feels like is gimmicky. But it also meets the specifics of the challenge, no?

Sarah, Lindsay, and Paul meet for dinner or possibly just drinks. Sarah explains that her mom let her drop out of high school to go to culinary school. That explains a lot about Sarah's emotional maturity or lack thereof. The three of them discuss how worried they are about their ability to finish dishes for a hundred and fifty people. Yeah, shouldn't they be doing that challenge where they bring back past cheftestants to serve as sous chefs?

Time to cook! Sarah interviews that Lindsay and Paul second-guess themselves a lot, but even though she's making a dish she's never made before, she's totally confident. She's also an egg-cracking machine. She's seriously cracking two eggs at a time, one in each hand. That impresses me. Everyone is sharing ingredients and equipment, like normal adults would. It's sad that behavior is so rare on this or any reality show. Paul is cracking up lobsters (like cracking their shells, not telling them jokes) to make a lobster stock. Sarah is working on making pasta from scratch, mixing it by hand, and she's worried she'll run out of time. Lindsay is busy grating tomato to make tomato water; she admits that she's grated her hands and knuckles a few times, so I hope the judges like an infusion of Lindsay's blood in their drinks. Gross. Sarah interviews that she feels like Lindsay's Bloody Mary drink is playing it safe and not unique enough. We shall see.

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