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You're Hot and You're Cold

Gail asks Sarah about the concept behind her dish. Sarah says that the baked pasta was the heat, and she thought about putting ice cream on pasta, which she recognizes as crazy, so she made it into a mousse. Gail says that the pasta was beautiful, but the mousse was so frozen that it was hard to eat together. Tom thinks her dish was brave, and he could tell that she went out of her comfort zone. Emeril says that her cocktail reminded him of the hot days in Texas. Padma wants to know why she thinks she should go on to the finale. Sarah says that food has a place and a memory for her, and she wants to tell that story in the finale.

Gail thinks Lindsay's elements of her dish worked well together. Lindsay says that the warmth of the soup represented fire, and then she made the tomato ice. Tom thought her sauce overpowered the fish a bit. Emeril thinks the fish was cooked perfectly, but her cocktail separated a bit. Tom thinks her dish worked with her drink the best. Padma asks why she belongs in the finale. Lindsay says she has more to show, because she's learned about herself as a chef. Padma tells them all to be proud and get the fuck out. Well, she's nicer about it, but she does tell them to leave.

Back in the Stew Room (which looks like a Stew Train Compartment), Sarah says that they all just needed to make one tweak that they would have caught in a normal kitchen. Paul didn't use enough Thai chiles because he was scared, Lindsay used a whole jar of spicy paste, and Sarah's mousse got too cold.

Padma thinks Paul's dish was great, and Gail liked that he took the challenge to heart, and she also liked the cocktail. Padma thought the dish was lukewarm, so she lost the contrast between hot and cold. Tom loved the concept but can't stop harping on the piece of arugula. Look, Paul's not going home for misplaced arugula. Can we just drop it?

Emeril liked Sarah's cocktail the best. Tom thought her dish was creative, and Padma thought the cannelloni was beautiful. Gail is still mad that she couldn't cut through the frozen mousse. Tom can't get mad, because Sarah was taking a chance and trying to stay true to the challenge, but Gail points out that she meant it to be a sauce on the cannelloni and it wasn't.

Tom thought Lindsay had a cool dish with a hot fish, and had a theme of tomatoes. Emeril thought the fish was cooked well but didn't have enough spice to qualify as hot. Gail felt the seasoning made it taste like it was cooked on an open fire. Tom counters that the dish wasn't interesting, but Gail doesn't think she made any mistakes. Tom thought the drink was a mistake, but Gail says you have to judge it as a whole, because the food and the drink were meant to go together. Despite all their arguing, they can agree that all three dishes were great, and they can also agree on who should go home.

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