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You're Hot and You're Cold

The Weird Interstitial is as boring as the rest of the episode, and features the cheftestants whining some more about what they should have done differently.

Finally, we get to find out who's going home. I think I fell asleep like three times during this episode. I like that they all get along and are proficient chefs, but damn it makes for boring television. Anyway, Tom is going to run down their problems. Paul used arugula. Sarah's mousse was frozen. Lindsay's concept was boring. So who's not going to the finale? Sarah. Just kidding! Padma did a fakeout and told Sarah that she was going to the finale. So Sarah gets to leave and we KNOW Paul's not going home, so let's just get right to it. Lindsay is told to pack her knives and go and she says tightly, "It's been an awesome opportunity." She goes back and hugs Sarah, and I'd feel a lot sadder for them if they weren't so terrible earlier in the season. Paul is moving on to the finale, and he's also the winner of this challenge, so he gets a trip to Costa Rica. Aw, Paul. Watching him win next week will be the only thing that will keep me going. It's finally the finale next week! Hooray!

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