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It's time for the finals, when everyone will have new haircuts and it will be in a new location! First up is Antonia, who doesn't have a new haircut, but at least she finally got a new shirt and isn't wearing that purple off-the-shoulder number she's been wearing all season. Now she has a black one. It's the same shirt, but it's black. Antonia and I subscribe to the same shopping theory, which is that if you find a shirt you like, just buy it in every color. Anyway, Antonia arrives in the Bahamas and interviews that she doesn't even care about winning the money - she just wants the title. But I bet she'll take the money too. Blais is there too; his hair is a little flatter than usual. He remembers that his first final also took place in the Caribbean, but he choked. He hopes to avoid choking this time. A noble goal, to be sure.

Heeeey! It's Carla! She remembers that Blais's baby is coming soon, because a few months have passed since the last episode and his wife is set to pop at any time. He tells the ladies that they've chosen the name Embry Lotus Blais, which is not my cup of tea, but it's not my baby, so who cares? Blais hopes he doesn't lose and ALSO miss the birth of his child. Carla also comments on Blais's playoff beard, which is more like playoff stubble at this point. He is one of those dudes who just shouldn't try to grow a beard. It sticks straight out from his face and you can see each individual hair. Carla jokes that it's too bad he's going to go home with that terrible beard. Carla interviews that she needs to do her own food, because that's what has helped her win challenges this season, and when she didn't do it, she lost in her first season. So that should work out well for her, I'm sure.

Mike Isabella shows up and Antonia jokes that her cousin is there. Are we still doing that? Aren't we done with the cousin thing? Mike has lost some weight and gotten a better haircut since the last episode. He's still gross though, more because of his personality than his looks. He interviews that he did some training since we last saw him, and worked at various restaurants in DC. I feel like that shouldn't be allowed. Like you have to use the skills that brought you to the finals in the actual finals. Or he could work on things at home but not have other people teach him. I don't know why there's any difference there, but I feel like there is. Maybe it's the perception that Mike has rode the coattails of others his entire time on the show, both seasons.

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