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Grease Fire Is The Word

The judges start their deliberations. Colicchio says that any one of these chefs could go home, because each dish had problems. With Carla's dish, the apple chip was greasy and too sweet, and Gail got raw pork. Antonia's shrimp was dry, and her grits were watery with weird lumps of meat. There was nothing wrong with Tiffany's dish but it was boring. Padma sums things up by saying that they know who made the worst dish, so I don't think we'll be having any non-elimination surprises like the previous episode.

Antonia, Carla, and Tiffany come back out to face the judges. Colicchio tells them that their food was good but too basic and lacked spirit. Tiffany's food was good but lacked a spark. Carla's problem was her food was too sweet and the pork was undercooked. Antonia's shrimp and grits was a good idea with poor execution. So who's going home? Hootie boo. It's Carla. She is, of course, very positive until the end. She thanks the judges and in her exit interview, says that the judges made the right decision, although she's disappointed that she beat herself instead of cooking a good dish and just getting beat. So Carla packs her knives and leaves the building. Goodbye, girl. Hootie?

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