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Grease Fire Is The Word

So then Blais comes over with a metal sheet pan and covers the fryer, which at least contains the fire but it's still got a ton of fuel so it's not going out on its own. After a few minutes of chaos, everyone gets the order to clear the kitchen. Blais notes that people were trying to cover their food with towels in hopes they could continue cooking once the fire was put out. The cheftestants go somewhere and sit down to discuss what just happened. Antonia confesses that she thinks she needs to change her dish, and Blais tells her to go with her gut. She says that she's in "a bad headspace." Blais interviews that he's trying to get into Antonia's head a little bit, because it's a competition. I get what he's saying, but I would also hope that he, of all people, could rely on his cooking to win it for him, not these head games. That's an Isabella move.

The fire trucks show up and the firefighters put out the fire in the fryer using extinguishers. Colicchio walks into the kitchen to check things out and says that the fire alarm was pulled so presumably a bunch of chemicals were sprayed and the food was all contaminated. He goes to break the bad news to the cheftestants. They have to start all over, when they were previously at the point where they could start plating. Apparently, they will have the same ingredients available, but they will be allowed to change their dish totally, if they want. Antonia and Blais are happy about this, but Tiffany's not, because she felt like her dish was most appropriate given the audience, and that it gave her an advantage.

So back to the original kitchen they go to start prep all over again. They must be exhausted. I mean, even if they went right from prep to cooking the first time around, that's still about three hours of cooking. And now they have to do three more hours, plus service, plus Judges' Table? No, thank you. Carla is frustrated because she thought she had executed well the first time. Blais is happy, because he's going to do a completely new dish, as is Antonia. She hopes to make her dish less formal and more traditional. They finish prepping and head back to the tiny restaurant kitchen AGAIN. They have some countertop fryers to use. Someone must have run out to Wal-Mart for those. Carla decides to cook her apple chips in the fryer, because they're a bit limp, and she's also cooking an entire pork tenderloin in the fryer. That seems like a terrible idea. How does she expect the middle to get done? She admits in an interview that this is a technique she'd never do outside of the competition, which is what got her eliminated on her first go-round. CARLA! Don't do it!

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