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Grease Fire Is The Word

The judges arrive. Mike notes that he had an easier time doing the prep twice, because he knew what he was doing it, and he thinks he executed well. Tiffany also feels good about her food. Carla pulls her pork out of the fryer and, as she starts cutting it, she realizes that the center is raw. So she's searing pieces of pork on the flat top, which seems like a good way to cook the visible parts but the middle will still be raw, I think. Oh, Carla.

The cheftestants are plating. Antonia says that she usually knows if a dish feels right, and this one doesn't feel right to her. Carla thinks that she managed to salvage things, and knows that her dish is as good as it's going to get. That doesn't sound great. Also, they played super dramatic music while everyone was plating. This show usually doesn't need music cues like that to let us know that things are dramatic and important. This has been a pretty boring episode, especially considering there was a fire.

Carla's dish comes out first. She made fried pork medallion with sweet potato puree, applesauce, and apple chip. Gail thinks it looks beautiful, but Ripert thinks it's a little sweet. Gail's pork is underdone, and Tom says it's just plain raw. So that's not good.

Antonia made crispy shrimp and grits with cilantro and pickled vegetables. Ripert thinks the shrimp is overcooked, and Gail thinks the flavors are buried. The Junkanoo King wishes she had made conch and grits instead of shrimp, because it would have been more appropriate. Well, given that they were purposely misled about the challenge, you can't fault Antonia. Colicchio zings Antonia when he says that the carrot garnish is like "Howard Johnson's called and they want their garnish back." Ooh, snap! Colicchio-slam! Gail wonders if Antonia changed her dish after the fire, and Colicchio says that she did. I don't know what that has to do with anything, because they don't discuss it further.

Mike serves sous vide chicken, mushrooms, yams, lobster sauce, and lobster hash. There's some sort of gross foam all over the dish, which I hate. Ripert says that the iodine (?) makes it unpleasant to his palate (?). I think that's what he said. Padma likes the sauce, and Tom thinks that there are surprises in the flavors, which is a good thing. Gail thought the white meat was a little dry, but the dark meat made up for it.

Blais serves roasted lamb loin and malted braised leg with pickled turnip and mustard. Gail points out that he also changed his dish. The King is amazed what Richard did creatively. Ripert thinks the turnip is a little undercooked but Colicchio thinks the turnip was his favorite part. Back in the kitchen, Blais is mumbling that his food was disgusting, and Tiffany tries to cheer him up. He's bugging me. He used to be one of my favorites, but the self-flagellation gets old. He's obviously one of the best up and coming chefs in the country and he needs to relax a little bit.

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