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Tiffany is last to serve, and she made roasted spice pork tenderloin, dirty rice, curried slaw, and tomato jam. Ripert thinks the meat is tender and well seasoned. Gail liked it but she thought Tiffany could have pushed a little bit more and Colicchio adds that the dish was very simple.

Having sampled all of the food, the judges discuss what went down overall. Colicchio says that some of the food was good and interesting, but he sounds pretty underwhelmed. Ripert points out that the challenge was kind of misleading, because they thought they would be serving in a more upscale environment. Padma wonders if the fire spooked them and Gail points out that it's difficult to get your energy back up after something like that. Back in the kitchen, Antonia is sampling Mike's food and she thinks it's good. He hopes he can beat Blais, who is still beating himself up in ridiculous ways. Antonia interviews that she wishes that she hadn't changed her dish now, and she can only hope that someone else screwed up worse than she did.

Weird interstital. Blais has a theory about how different kinds of nuts are akin to different genres of music. Peanuts are rock and roll. Walnuts are British rock. Almonds are classical. Pistachios are pop. I don't agree with his classifications. I think peanuts are pop, if anything. But it would be interesting to debate over beers.

The cheftestants wait to hear from the judges in the makeshift Stew Room, which is more like a Stew Lounge. Mike notes that they haven't had to face a Judges' Table for a while, and Blais says that he hates the whole process and he hates every dish he's made. So why does he subject himself to this? I worry about his mental health. He's going to choke in the finals again. Carla says that she had to give herself a pep talk and just cook her own food. Antonia confesses that the dish she served wasn't the type of food she normally makes, so she feels sick about it.

Padma comes in and asks to see all of them. Once they are facing the judges, Padma says that it was a great celebration but not a great meal, and someone will be going home. Colicchio acknowledges that it was a tough situation, but it's the finals, so they should suck it up. He says it more nicely, but that's the gist. Padma starts by asking Carla if she changed her dish at all after the fire. Carla says that she changed her apple chip. Padma thought the chip was too sweet, and Carla says that she knew, but she had to put it out? I don't get why, and Colicchio's face says that he's not buying her explanation either. Gail says that her pork was undercooked and Colicchio jumps in and says it was actually raw, and he wonders why Carla didn't rethink the dish when she had the chance. Carla says that most of the pork was fine, and Ripert concurs that his piece was cooked perfectly.

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