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Antonia is called upon next. She says that she was originally going to cook lamb with fennel butter, but when she saw the setting, she decided to be less stuffy about it. Overall, though, she was not proud of her dish. Ripert says that the shrimp was overcooked and dry. Gail was unsure about the role of the other meat in the dish, and Colicchio isn't even sure what it was. Antonia says that it was pork shoulder, and she wanted to make the grits more rich. Colicchio says she turned it from creamy grits to "stringy meat and grits." Well, that sounds not at all delicious.

Tiffany thought her dish was simple and rustic. Ripert wanted something more complex with a better sauce. Gail wanted more of the ginger-tomato jam, and they were hoping for more flavor since the dish had curry in the name. Tiffany thinks she might have made a mistake in the name, then.

Next up is Mike, who used a lot of lobster. Colicchio thought the sauce was the best part of the dish, and it was nicely made. Gail liked the richness, but she did think the white meat was dry. Ripert thought it was complex and all the elements worked together. So, points for Mike. I wonder where he stole that recipe. Like you weren't thinking the same thing.

Blais starts out by admitting that he hates everything he cooks. Man, he would drive me nuts as a friend or co-worker. Colicchio liked the lamb and the seasoning, but it could have used another element. Blais says he meant to use dehydrated apple but the humidity killed it. Gail liked how he used turnip as cannelloni, but Ripert wasn't a fan. Blais says that he knows he needs to work on his vegetable cookery.

So it's time for Ripert to announce who the winner is for this challenge, and that winner is...Mike. WHAT? Even he is shocked. Blais is like, "The fuck?" So all his bullshit about "everything I made is terrible," was crap because he was surprised when he didn't win. See? Isabella points out that he beats Blais at the mental game because Blais cares too much. I think there's something to that. Mike doesn't get all up in his own head because there's not much there. He's just a goofy meatball, bouncing along as far as he can go. I don't see a lot of self-doubt or self-criticism there. Which is what makes him so annoying, but also why he could win the competition. Anyway, Blais is safe too, so they are both excused.

They head back to the Stew Lounge and debate who's going home. Carla is worried because Colicchio seems to think she purposely fried and then grilled her pork, when really she just was desperately trying to make sure it got cooked. Blais thinks Antonia will go home, based on the comments, and Antonia adds that her shrimp was overcooked. Carla raises her by saying that her pork was raw, but Mike reminds her that Ripert said his piece was cooked perfectly.

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