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After Restaurant Wars, the teams are all feeling kind of down. Sarah interviews that she still thinks Lindsay should have won the challenge, because she held the team together. Okay, but that's not how the winner is determined. It's usually food first, and then they look at other things if the food is fairly equal. It's not Top Front of House, SARAH. Just admit you hate Beverly and you hate that she won and move on. Chris shares with the group that the judges told them that they really need to step it up. So this episode will either feature them stepping it up, or possibly feature them failing even more. No middle ground.

Tom pops his head into the room of mourners and Sarah immediately goes, "Nooooooooo!" Oh, welcome Tom, great to see you. I get that she's exhausted and thinks that his appearance means that they will have to cook again soon, but that's just rude. Tom actually doesn't have terrible news; he just tells them that they're going to San Antonio. I don't know why this show thinks it's The Amazing Race, Texas-style, and has to inform us of where the cheftestants are going, and when. Just open the episode in San Antonio and have a quick voiceover that says, "After Restaurant Wars, we headed back to San Antonio." Done. We'll figure out how they got there. Although I guess the voyage is ample opportunity for product placement, so there's that.

The cheftestants drive back to San Antonio, still segregated into men and women. Chris is disappointed that he hasn't won any challenges, and all of the men discuss how the women are probably pissed that Bev won the challenge. Over in the women's car, things are tense. Beverly interviews that she thinks Lindsay is sour that she lost. Beverly spends a lot of time thinking about how the other people feel about her. Maybe she should just rise above. RISE ABOVE, BEVERLY. Anyway, Lindsay talks about how hard it was to manage the servers and everything and no one really responds because who cares? Can we cook something now? How about now?

The next morning, the cheftestants gather for a meal. They talk about what they think will happen in upcoming challenges, and they decide that they'll be individual challenges with a focus on creativity. Paul considers Ed to be his main competition, but he's also worried about Sarah and her classical training.

The cheftestants arrive at the kitchen for the Elimination Challenge and find Eric Ripert waiting there with Padma. Ed notices that there's a conveyer belt in the back, so he's worried. Padma explains that they get thirty minutes to create a dish. When time starts, the conveyer belt will start moving, and there will be ingredients on it. Each cheftestants has to choose and use three ingredients from the belt; the rest can be selected from the pantry. Eric Ripert adds that the longer they wait, the better the ingredients available, but that also takes away from their cooking time.

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