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Time starts. A few people head right for the belt, but most people go to the pantry and start picking out basic ingredients that can be combined with a lot of other things so they can start cooking and just incorporate as they go. Ed grabs macadamia nuts from the belt without a clear plan. That's probably not a great idea. Then Ed grabs a jar of sauerkraut. Those two ingredients sound terrible together. Actually, jarred sauerkraut sounds terrible, period.

Everyone keeps running up to the conveyer belt, standing there for a minute, scowling, and then running back to his or her station. These ingredients are awful: Pop Rocks, a cucumber, Rice Krispies. Chris spots a pot of lobsters so he runs over to the belt to wait for them to come around, but they don't come back around. Heh. The producers are having fun with this. Paul gets impatient and just grabs saffron, Wonder bread, and bitter melon. Yikes. Grayson gets desperate and takes goldfish crackers. Sarah takes saltines, because she's become convinced that there won't be any great ingredients at all. Beverly hasn't taken any ingredients off the belt yet, I don't think. Chris has another miss on the lobster, and then Beverly gets desperate and takes Rice Krispies, tofu, and black-eyed peas.

This challenge reminds me of a game my friend and I used to play as tweens where we would mix together various items from the fridge and spice cabinet and then dare one another to eat them. The lobsters are back! Chris runs over and grabs one out of the bucket just as it passes through into the back, then nearly drops it, but manages to hang on. Those poor lobsters. There are ten minutes left when Lindsay grabs grouper and clams and decides to make a bouillabaisse. She realizes that she's cooking fish for Eric Ripert, the fish expert, and she's worried. Everyone seems to have grabbed a protein at some point, although we missed seeing it. Cooking, cooking, drums, drums, drums, time's up! Beverly forgot to put her curried Rice Krispies on her dish. Oops.

Ed's dish is up for tasting first, and his three ingredients were macadamia nuts, sauerkraut, and black truffle, and he made sauerkraut soup, shrimp, and shaved truffle. Chris got lobster, foie gras, and vanilla, so his dish should be awesome with all those expensive ingredients, right? He made butter poached lobster with foie gras. I really hate people who call foie gras just "foie." Like you're too busy to see the second word. CHRIS. Grayson got goldfish, grapefruit, and Dover sole. That sounds awful. She made butter poached dover sole with goldfish and rosemary. I'm going to admit right now that one time I made chicken breast with a goldfish crust. It might have been Cheez-its, but same idea. It was terrible. They are just so strong in flavor and oily. Not good. Grayson can't stop laughing at her dish.

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