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Snow White, Blood Red

Paul had Wonder bread, saffron, and bitter melon, so he made mussels in ginger and bitter melon broth. Paul thinks he screwed himself over by choosing the bitter melon. Sarah got artichokes, Saltines, and cottage cheese, and she made fried soft shell crab with cottage cheese sauce. I really hate cottage cheese. It's so...lumpy. Sarah laughs that she's never made a sauce like this before, and she can't believe she's serving it to Eric Ripert. In addition to the grouper and clams, Lindsay also got Pernod, so she made bouillabaisse in fennel-Pernod broth.

Beverly got tofu, Rice Krispies, and black-eyed peas, and she made glazed sockeye salmon and black-eyed peas. Let's get it started! Sorry. Anyway, she mentions that she forgot the Krispies and Eric asks to try them anyway, knowing that they Beverly's disqualified since she didn't use all three of her chosen ingredients. Ed thinks that Beverly should have cheated by throwing her Rice Krispies in the air and hoping they landed on the plate. I'm surprised we don't see more of that type of thing.

So which dishes did Eric hate? He didn't like Chris's lobster dish, because it didn't come together. He thought the citrus overwhelmed Grayson's dish, and Paul's bitter melon was too bitter. Okay, fine. Whose dishes did he like? He liked Sarah's dish, because it went well together, Lindsay's dish, because her flavors worked well, and he thought Beverly did well with her tofu, especially considering he doesn't like tofu. Padma says that it's a shame that Beverly didn't use all three ingredients, because she would have won this challenge "by a mile." So who did win? Lindsay! She acknowledges that the win is kind of a back-handed compliment because they told her flat out that her dish was really second best and she's winning on a technicality.

Elimination Challenge! Padma says that they'll be cooking a dish fit for a queen. Chris cracks me up for the first and only time this year when he says, "The Queen of England? Queen...Latifah?" Something about how he said Latifah was so funny to me. Anyway, Padma spends a long time trying to build up suspense, like we didn't already see the previews and know she's about to introduce Charlize Theron, who is playing the Evil Queen in an upcoming Snow White movie. Sarah is super giddy because God forbid she have a normal reaction to seeing a celebrity. And frankly, I'm surprised Beverly isn't crying, but then again, she might not know who Charlize Theron is. Would you be surprised? Charlize tells them that she's a big fan of the show and she loves food. Ugh, is she one of those celebrities who's like, "I was ugly as a kid and I loooooove to eat now!" I hate those celebrities. Anyway, the challenge is to create a Gothic feast fit for an evil queen. Charlize encourages them to indulge and get creative. It's nice to finally see them get a challenge where they don't have tons of weird restrictions, and can just make food and present it in a cool and unusual way. And thank GOD it's not another team challenge.

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