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Snow White, Blood Red

Shopping! Anyone else say that in a Paz de la Huerta voice every time? Just me? Paul says that he's making an enchanted forest, and Grayson plans to make chicken, but to mutilate it on the plate and make it look like a crime scene. Yum? Sarah explains that her most important ingredient is red wine because she's cooking risotto and she wants it to be blood red. Then there's a montage of Beverly in the grocery store, bumping into people and saying sorry. At one point, she even bumps into a display rack and apologizes. She's a mess. Lindsay explains that her dish is based on a dish she had while in college that changed the way she saw food. It had dragon beans, which I didn't even know were a thing.

Back at home, the chefs talk about their dishes. Ed jokes that he should just take a jar of pigs' blood and spray it all over the room. Chris explains that he's making an apple dish that will have maggots and worms. Sounds appetizing! He's also way too into describing it and grabbing onto Ed's shoulder and you can tell that Ed is just thinking, "Stop touching me, stop TOUCHING ME YOU FREAK!" I might be projecting. Then Chris calls his wife and talks about how she's his strength and biggest fan and you think, "Uh oh, he's going home tonight."

The chefs sit around and go over their game plan. I guess Paul is helping everyone figure out who needs to use which equipment and who needs to be in what space when so there aren't any conflicts once they are in the kitchen and cooking. This seems so smart. Did they do this every season or just this one? Anyway, Paul gives a speech about respecting space and other people's ingredients and Lindsay explains that multiple people have had trouble with Beverly taking over their space or stealing their ingredients. And we have seen that multiple times this season. I don't think she's malicious; I think she's oblivious.

The cheftestants arrive at the kitchen and start prepping. Ed will be serving first, and he explains that he's making two sauces, one white and one dark, to represent the struggle between good and evil. Paul is making a dish with many, many components and he's worried about his ability to juggle them all. Beverly says that she's making halibut and forbidden rice. Paul interviews that he thinks Beverly is making halibut as kind of an eff you to Lindsay, since Lindsay accused her of screwing up her halibut in the last challenge. Paul adds that Beverly has more cooking experience than anyone else in the house, and people underestimate her. I do think they're wrong to treat her poorly because she hasn't been in charge of a restaurant or whatever, but she is kind of annoying and a weirdo. They've been overly mean to her, but I also get why they are frustrated. Let's not pretend that Beverly is a hapless victim; as I said, she just seems oblivious as to why people might be unhappy with her.

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