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Snow White, Blood Red

Lindsay talks more about her dish; it's scallops over a witch's stew, and she explains that she first had it when she started working with Michelle Bernstein. Lindsay should just marry Michelle Bernstein if she loves her so much. She never stops talking about her. Sarah is cooking lamb's heart, which she knows is an unusual ingredient, but she thinks it's appropriate for a serial killer, which is how Charlize described her character.

Grayson is cooking black chicken, which looks appropriately disgusting, but is also very lean so she has to be careful of overcooking. Chris plans to use liquid nitrogen at the table and if there were ever a challenge where his weirdo theatrics were needed, it's this one. Paul's juggling is failing; he's burned two of his ingredients. That's actually not bad, percentage-wise, but he is concerned about his ability to execute his dish.

The judges and guests arrive; in addition to Tom and Padma, we have Emeril, Eric Ripert, and Charlize Theron. They're sitting in a super Gothic looking room that fits the theme. That would be a fun dinner, though I don't know if I would want to eat some of the grosser-looking dishes. Time is almost up for the cheftestants, and Ed is first to serve, so he's plating. He explains that the last thing he puts on his plate is deep-fried fish scales, and the scales ended up looking like spikes. He feels good about the dish he's sending out.

So as mentioned, the first dish is from Ed: tuna tartare with black garlic ponzu and Asian pear vinaigrette. He plates it with the darker sauce on one side and the lighter sauce on the other to signify good and evil. Padma likes the fish scales, and Eric Ripert likes the two sauces, which even taste good when combined. Tom makes a joke about how good and evil combined equals a politician. Tom is at his most charming tonight. I know he's a married man, presumably happily, but I think he's trying to impress Charlize. Stay tuned. Anyway, Tom thinks the dish is well done. Charlize likes the black garlic, and says that she could eat it every day.

Paul plates his food. He puts all of the food along the edge of the plate to make an "enchanted forest" and then puts a big bloody handprint in the middle of the plate. Gloved hand, of course. When the servers bring it out, the judges are all, "Oooh!" except Eric Ripert who's like, "I hope he used a gloved hand." Paul explains that his dish represents an enchanted forest with ingredients that are both good and bad, so he made foie gras with bacon, pumpernickel, pickled cherries, and beets. Charlize and Padma are very into the plating, and Charlize says that it's good that Eric is scared, because that's kind of the point. Eric likes the pickled jalapenos in the dish, and all of the judges are really enthusiastic about the dish in general.

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