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Snow White, Blood Red

While the judges wait, Charlize talks about her movie some more and Tom cracks some jokes. He seriously is flirting. Tom! Beverly serves next. She made seared halibut with red curry coulis and forbidden black rice. Her story is that the halibut is Snow White, and she's prevailing over evil, represented by the red and black. She uses the word "bleedingness." Her dish looks pretty boring compared to what we've seen thus far. But the flavors are good, according to the judges.

Lindsay explains that she didn't use any wicked ingredients like organs or hearts, because that's not her style. Instead, she serves seared scallop over "Witch's stew" and dragon beans. Everyone agrees that the scallops are cooked to perfection and Tom can't get over how good the stew is. Tom jokes that the queen would make this stew out of peasants. Tom with the wisecracks! Padma comments that Lindsay has immunity but she might not need it.

Sarah is not worried about her risotto, even though she made risotto before and Chef Tim Love didn't like it. She thinks her dish is perfect as it is, and she loves the lamb's heart too. Her dish is served to the judges: amarone risotto with lamb heart. Eric likes the flavors, and Tom likes how the various flavors combine. Charlize only wants to eat the heart because it's so good. It's weird that they're not showing us ANY negative comments about any of the dishes. There had to be some, right?

Grayson is a little concerned about how grotesque her dish looks, but she has decided to go for it whole hog. She serves black chicken with roasted, pickled beets, quail eggs, and foie gras. She left the head and feet on the chickens, and the beets looks like entrails. And she explains that the egg represents the baby that was inside the mother when it was slaughtered. That might be taking it a LITTLE BIT TOO FAR. She didn't have to be so literal. Maybe it's just me. Everyone is impressed with the presentation, and Charlize and Tom are both impressed with how juicy the chicken is. They also like the pickling of the beets, and the vinegary taste it adds to the dish.

Chris knows that he's been accused of being gimmicky in the past, but he doesn't think that liquid nitrogen automatically means gimmicky. Well, sure. If you're David Blaine. Actually, scratch that. He is pretty gimmicky. Chris serves poisoned apple and cherry pie. He froze an apple and used Gummi worms and rice krispies to represent worms and maggots. And then there is cherry pie inside so that when you cut it open, it looks like guts. It's actually pretty cool. When the server sets it down, Tom is so impressed. The good news is that it tastes good as well, and the ingredients combine to make great flavor. Emeril thinks it really represents Chris's point of view, and Tom is giddy at how much he loves the dish.

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