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Snow White, Blood Red

The judges discuss the meal overall. Tom thinks it's the best food of the season, and Eric says it's the best food he's had on the show. They realize that their decision is going to come down to nitpicking tiny glitches in various dishes. Charlize jokes that she will get the head of the losing chef on a silver platter.

Weird interstitial. The cheftestants form a band in the Stew Room with various kitchen instruments. Beverly is clapping pot lids together and she keeps going after everyone else stops because she's oblivious and also possibly drunk.

Back in the Stew Room, Grayson tells everyone the story she told about her dish, and Lindsay agrees that it was terrible. But they're all laughing at least. Padma walks in and says they'd like to see everyone, so they file out and face the Judges' Table.

Tom starts out by telling them that this is one of the best meals he's ever had on the show, and if they keep cooking like this, they will all have long careers. Well, thank God. I was starting to think this was a group of terrible cooks, you know? Except for maybe Paul. It's nice to know that they were just being hobbled by the challenge restraints and they actually do have some good dishes in them. Charlize jokes that if she were a queen, she'd take them all back to her castle and torture them and make them cook for her. I don't know how much Charlize got paid to make this Snow White movie but she has earned every penny because she has not stopped talking about the evil queen role. Ed responds, "We are here to please you." Oh, Ed, you old ass-kisser.

Emeril tells Sarah that she nailed the lamb heart. Not literally. Although that would have made a cool presentation in an homage to Neil from Real World: London. Tom liked Lindsay's tiny details that made the dish. Padma thinks Ed's sauces were amazing, with flavor and depth. Charlize thought Chris's dish had the perfect sweetness and Tom adds that he has given Chris a hard time about his tricks, but this was the challenge to use them. Emeril and Padma compliment Beverly's flavors and texture in her dish. Tom thinks Grayson's visual was dead on, and Grayson says that she takes things really literally. Obviously. Padma thought Paul's "enchanted forest" was beautiful. Paul says that he works better with an inspiration like that. So everyone had things that they did well. Who will win? Charlize says that all of the dishes were impressive, but the winner is...Paul. Huh. I really thought it was going to be Chris. They didn't talk much about the flavor of Paul's dish, but maybe it was more impressive in person. Ed, Lindsay, and Chris are also safe, so they all get to leave.

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