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Snow White, Blood Red

That leaves Beverly, Sarah, and Grayson as the bottom three. Padma says that it was difficult because they all did well. Tom thinks that all of them should add these dishes to their menus at home, because they were great dishes. Grayson shakes her head and laughs, so I guess she won't be serving whole black abortion chickens at home. Tom laughs too and says they might need minor adjustments.

Charlize loved Sarah's presentation, because it was rich red in color, and Sarah says that she was inspired by royalty and used over half of her budget on wine, to make sure she had the best flavors. Emeril asks if she drank any and Sarah admits that she has a little bit left in the other room in case she gets eliminated and wants to drown her sorrows. Charlize thought the risotto was a little salty. Tom thinks the risotto was a little undercooked and Sarah says that's the second time she's gotten that critique and she might have to reconsider her cooking time. Tom notes that he's really nitpicking here because there wasn't much wrong with the dish. Sarah gives a very heartfelt speech about how much she has to give to the competition and how much she loves food. I hope someone asked her a question to garner that response, because otherwise it came across as begging for her life and was weird.

Moving on to Beverly. Tom says that he enjoyed her dish and it was the same flavors she's used before, and she does them well. The only technical problem was that she used arrowroot to thicken her sauce and it became sticky. Beverly says that she didn't want her dish to be gruesome, so she went for elegant. Charlize says that the fish was cooked perfectly and the rice was amazing, but the sauce got a weird texture. Beverly says it was fine when she tasted it, and Tom says it might not have thickened up if she had served it on a hot plate. Beverly also gives the weird speech about how she's doing this for her family and she thinks she has something unique to offer. Besides crying all the time and taping weird affirmations to the mirror?

Tom thinks that Grayson's dish was "out there stuff" and Grayson laughs that she's not sure how she came up with it. Charlize says that the chicken was juicy and the skin was crispy, and she loved the beets, but the greens were a little salty. Tom thought the egg was a good inclusion, but it would have been easier to handle if hard-boiled. Padma thought the foie didn't fit into the rest of the dish, and Emeril agrees. Grayson thinks she went out on a limb and took a chance, and it fit the challenge. She adds that she could have made food that she knows she can do well, like pasta or risotto, but she tried to take a chance. She kind of threw Beverly and Sarah under the bus there, but I see her point.

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