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The bottom three go back to the Stew Room. Grayson reports that the judges liked all of the dishes, so it's weird to be on the bottom while getting so much praise. Ed thinks they shouldn't be sad for who goes home, because they should all be proud of the meal they created. Easy to say when you're safe, Ed.

The judges discuss the verdict. Tom thought Grayson had some technical mistakes in an out-of-place egg and salty greens. Charlize loved how the plate looked, but she agrees that the greens were salty. Emeril likes how Grayson took chances, though. Charlize reminds them that Beverly didn't really take a chance, but Tom thought her dish was well-done. He agrees that it didn't look great. Emeril and Charlize hated the sticky sauce. Tom thought Sarah made some good choices, but she had flaws as well; they weren't sure if the risotto or the heart was the main attraction, and the risotto was undercooked with too much cheese. Emeril adds that there wasn't any bad food, but someone has to go home. These are the weeks that I wish Judges' Table was even longer. I know they don't want to show everything because they want to keep up the suspense of who's going home, but sometimes the decisions are baffling because we don't know what went into them. Reading Tom's blog helps sometimes, but not always.

The bottom three come back out to face the music. Tom tells Sarah that she made a great dish, but her risotto was undercooked with too much cheese. Beverly didn't really incorporate the theme to the extent that the others did and her sauce was a little sticky. Grayson incorporated the theme, but her greens were salty, and not all of her elements fit together. Tom emphasizes again that it was a difficult decision, and then turns it over to Padma to announce that Beverly is eliminated.

Beverly, and this is going to shock you, cries in her exit interview. She notes that if she hadn't forgotten one ingredient in the Quickfire, she could have had immunity. But would she want to get through on a technicality? I guess so. Beverly also thinks she has shown how strong she is, and she wants to be successful to give her son a bright future.

I won't give any spoilers on Last Chance Kitchen but I will just say that the producers stacked the deck SO HARD for one of the cheftestants that it pissed me off. It was ridiculous. Especially when all of the other challenges have been relatively straight forward. I'm still mad about it. Just go watch it. Unless you don't like to intentionally make yourself mad, I guess.

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