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Ariane secures another week on the show by using the sponsoring product in her dessert. Jeff (still can't stop seeing the name of his restaurant as the Dildo Café) says that in Miami, people are really conscious of their figures so he's used to figuring out how to make dishes that aren't filled with sugar. He's making a spring roll stuffed with nuts and honey, served with fat-free frozen yogurt. Jamie isn't quite as confident in her dessert-making abilities, but she's planning on making a napoleon with layers of phyllo dough, mascarpone and ricotta cheese, and agave syrup. The music gets all wacky, which means it's time for Carla! She's making frozen bananas with baklava and chocolate coins, and immediately gets her bananas in the freezer. There wasn't much wacky about that segment, but it's Carla, so you know wackiness will happen shortly.

Hosea is making a roasted fig and peach dish, and uses a torch to roast the fruit. Stefan compares Hosea's dish to "green vomit." Ariane is making a whole wheat crepe with caramelized pears and Product Placement Soda. Radhika thinks she has a good chance with her bread pudding. Eugene is making banana lumpias (bananas wrapped in eggroll wrappers and deep-fried) with a mini-blini sandwich. The lumpias are usually dusted with cinnamon and sugar; Eugene doesn't explain how he's going to make up for the lack of sugar at all, although maybe he's just counting on the bananas to be sweet enough alone. Carla gets frustrated because everyone keeps opening the freezer and leaving it open, and her bananas aren't getting frozen. Padma says there are only five minutes, so Carla decides to sauté some bananas in walnut oil instead of freezing them. Padma counts down the last ten seconds and the cooking ends.

And the judging begins. Fabio is up first, presenting his granola and oat tart with fresh berries. Novelli doesn't think the cream was cooked enough. Fabio interviews that he thinks Novelli doesn't like him, because he's French, and Italy beat France in the World Cup. I'm sure that's exactly why. It has nothing to do with the dish. Jeff presents his fig and cherry frozen yogurt with baklava spring roll. He makes them scoop their own yogurt, which is just weird to me. Novelli says it's an interesting combination. Eugene has made his blini look like a hamburger and his lumpia look like French fries. It's maybe a little too cute, but also kind of impressive given the time constraints. Novelli thinks it's "very original." Melissa made a baked dessert burrito with fruit and a yogurt dipping sauce, so she kind of stole Eugene's idea of making the dessert look like a traditional entree, or he stole hers. Radhika presents her bread pudding, which Novelli calls "very adventurous." Leah made a crepe with balsamic reduction, which Novelli finds interesting. Stefan presents a chocolate mousse and he can't stop making jokes about how he's French -- no he's Finnish! Mousse is French -- no, it's not! It's all really awkward and for the first time, instead of coming off as the Fonzie, Stefan looks like Potsie. Maybe Ralph Malph.

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