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Group A is the first to cook, so they head out to shop. This group includes Melissa, Fabio, Jamie, Eugene, Hosea, and Radhika. Melissa explains that she went right for tuna so that she could make tacos. This is her fancy show-off dish. Fish tacos. Those better be some great tacos. Eugene wants to make a whole fish with daikon fettuccine and tomato-basil sauce. Jamie confides to Radhika that the daikon thing sounds weird, because normally you would eat it cold with soy, not warm with tomato-basil sauce.

They arrive at the kitchen and Jamie immediately stakes out her space, claiming that she's going to do whatever it takes to impress the new judge. Hosea is the first to detail his dish: halibut wrapped in bacon with roasted baby vegetables and a mustard-butter sauce. The cheftestants are all psyched that they don't have to deal with Stefan's loudness while cooking. Radhika is making a spicy crab bisque with a lemon crab salad. She's made it many times, so she's confident. Cue the stereotypical Italian music, so it must be time for Fabio! He's using his grandmother's five-hundred year old pasta recipe and then making some lamb in a sous-vide. For those of you who haven't read a food blog or magazine recently, Fabio explains that sous-vide means to cook the lamb in a vacuum-sealed bag in temperature-controlled water.

Meanwhile, Group B starts shopping. Jeff says he that he cooks family-style every day, and his idea is to do tapas, or small plates. I'm sensing a theme with Jeff; he does too much. He tries too hard. He needs to scale back. Carla decides to slow things down so she can "hear [her] intuition." So did she just admit to hearing voices? Carla explains that she wanted to do vegetarian, but she thinks the judges will ding her if she doesn't cook a protein, so she goes with scallops.

Back in the kitchen, Group A is slaving away. Jamie has decided to cook scallops AGAIN, so that she can show the judges she really does know how to cook them. Except it's a blind tasting, so I'm not sure that will work out like she's hoping. Fabio interviews, "All she does is scallops. For Christ's sake. Come on! This is Top Chef, it's not Top Scallops." Everyone loves Fabio. How can you not? Eugene thinks he's the most creative and original cheftestant, and he hopes to meld all the different cuisines he grew up with. He also congratulates himself for his crazy daikon dish. Eugene spends a lot of time in interviews talking about how awesome he is. Pride goeth before a fall, dude. Hosea thinks Melissa is making safe foods. Melissa interviews that ethnic foods are something that people love. I don't even know what that means. That's basically like saying that people love food, period. Fabio pulls his lamb out and realizes that it's undercooked. There's no time for him to cook more, but what he has is rare. He's in trouble.

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