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Everyone agrees that Hosea's bacon-wrapped halibut gets upstaged by his roasted vegetables. Toby Young compares it to a film where classically-trained British actors are cast in bit parts and upstage the leads. Which is better as an analogy because at least it tells me what's wrong with the dish, but it seems like a long way to go for not that great of a line. Next up are Jamie's seared scallops. Toby Young has nice things to say about it, as does Novelli. Next they take on Fabio's lamb and ravioli. They all agree that the lamb is undercooked but Novelli can't say enough good things about the ravioli and mushroom sauce. Fabio is relieved.

Next, they move on to Eugene's whole fish with daikon radish fettuccine dish. Jeff thinks the fish was beautiful, but Stefan didn't like hot radishes. Toby Young thought it was underseasoned, and calls it "the bland leading the bland." Okay. That, I can accept. It's not too try-hard. Eugene reacts in disbelief, and his refusal to accept criticism of his dishes is really starting to bug me now. When the patrons and the judges and your fellow chefs all think your dishes suck, you have to accept that they might need improvement. Now the diners take on Melissa's fish tacos. Everyone is underwhelmed by the seasoning and flavors. Toby decides that the chef who made the dish lacks confidence (true) and that it tastes like cat food. Well, couldn't you really say that any fish dish tastes like cat food? I've never tasted cat food, but I imagine most of them taste pretty fishy. Melissa is disappointed in her choices. Fabio thinks Toby Young can "either make you or break you."

Group B leaves to go prep their food. Carla is glad that they know who will be eating their food, unlike the other group. Jeff explains his dish, which as usual is way more than he needs to do. He's making three dishes and he brags that he's prepping way more than anyone else. Does he understand that he'd be better off making one awesome dish than three okay dishes? Apparently not, and yet he does it every week. Stefan is making duck braised with cabbage and bread dumplings, which is a traditional German dish. Stefan yells to everyone else in the kitchen about how Germans will be appalled that he's cooking this dish so quickly and I'm starting to understand why no one wants to cook with him. They're trying to focus on their dishes and he's just yelling random shit that matters to no one. Annoying. Leah has Ariane taste her dish, because she's making something she's never made before. That sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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