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After Eliza is eliminated, the chefs talk about her in the Stew Room. Apparently, she was funny, and apparently, John has learned his lesson about talking shit about the recently eliminated cheftestant. Danyele tells everyone that the judges think she's too nervous, and then interviews that she doesn't want to come across as anxious or not proud of what she puts out. Josh jokes that he's not going to cook pork again and everyone laughs as Brooke notes that his last dish was supposed to be his redemption. Yeah, he owns a restaurant where he cooks pig; it's pretty sad that his last two pork dishes have landed him on the bottom.

The next day, the cheftestants enter the kitchen and find Padma there with Season Four winner, Stephanie Izard. One of the cheftestants mutters that she's probably joining the competition. Nope, just judging the Quickfire. Padma explains that the challenge is to cook anything they want using ingredients from the pantry. The only problem is that every ingredient is covered with aluminum foil, and they have to use everything that they open. Wow, some interns were busy last night. In addition, they have to use aluminum foil as their cooking vessel. Bart thinks this sounds fun. He's the only one.

Time starts and everyone rushes into the pantry. And everything really is covered in tin foil. Everything in the fridge and freezer. All of the individual pieces of produce. Stefan nabs something out of the freezer and discovers that it's salmon. Josie gets grapes. John was trying to get a pot of herbs and ends up with a pineapple. Has there ever been a pot of herbs in the pantry? I've never seen anything like that. What a dummy. Kristen is planning to make a sponge cake, which she knows is risky, but she wants to take a chance. Bert is going nuts with the tin foil, creating pots and colanders.

Sheldon wants fish but ends up with scallops, and he's not sure how to get a good sear on them without a hot frying pan. There are tons of foil packets on the grill, and everyone is bumping into one another trying to get their food done. Micah explains that he thought of panzanella and it's like a gift. I can't tell if he's being sarcastic, but seriously? Does he think it's an amazing gift that only he has? Because everyone else also looks at ingredients and comes up with a dish too.

Time for judging! Danyele is up first with her cannellini bean stew with bacon, asiago cheese, and tomatillo. That sounds pretty awesome. Danyele was unsure about the tomatillo, but Stephanie thinks it makes the dish - more evidence of Danyele's doubting her instincts. Micah made grilled lamb with tomato fennel panzanella. GENIUS! Just kidding. I don't know who told this dude he's the greatest chef ever, but I've yet to see evidence of it on this show. Padma thinks the lamb is too rare.

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